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for Mass Effect: Synthesis is the only way

7/19 c1 1benenator
000I agree with the other reviewer who said this belongs on a forum.

001: The "Right of Faith" is a blatant Appeal to Authority (with Shepard being the authority) mixed with a pseudoreligious dogwhistle.

010: Your utilitarian calculation neglects the damage caused by overriding the right to self-determination, both in individual self-worth and existential crisis.

011: Given the cutscene showing that Refusal leads to the defeat of the Reapers in the next cycle, whether it's morally superior or inferior is incalculable, at least in terms of life (finite deaths in the current cycle, bounded-only-in-billions-of-years lives both Organic and Synthetic post-cycle) and diplomatic development. It's a big universe, anything could develop and move about.

100: Control gives the option to haul the Reapers and any AI who wish to leave elsewhere, to set up a separate and distant civilization... except that Exile is horrible too.

101: As such, to me you've only shown there are ZERO moral options available.
7/11 c1 Taiyong Medical
I think you’re better off posting this on a forum

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