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for The Future In Our Hands

12/31/2022 c1 Guest
Please continue, this is one of my favorites.
12/24/2022 c6 Fias Xin
this is one of the best fanfic ever so plz come back and update this story
12/24/2022 c2 Fias Xin
bro just casually drop an onion bomb
11/9/2022 c6 ArtyRaindrop
I hope you continue this it’s really good and I hate cliffhangers on good fics
7/28/2022 c6 zekbolt55
Please continue this story its really great keep up the good work.
3/8/2022 c6 Luciver
its the best hope u continue, good luck
3/7/2022 c6 Arashi Kaoru
3/7/2022 c6 Arashi Kaoru
12/14/2021 c6 Gouravsilentreader
Interesting story
Looking forward to the next part eagerly
Please update soon
10/28/2021 c5 AvatarUzumaki
oh man that opening with Minato is freaking hilarious! the emotions that Kakashi went through was very felt. tsunade as well, just wow. but how will things change now and will theybtell the 3rd? and biggest surprise is orochimaru returning with them to the past as well as jiraya being alive! How is that possible if he was dead when they went back in time? really great chapter but im most looking forward to kushinas reaction to her future son and grandchildren
10/16/2021 c6 ZeroNii
I'm crying
10/14/2021 c6 Anon
Also, feel so honored to have a chapter of this beautiful fic dedicated to me. It means a lot. I will continue to comment as I can.

(Also, if it wasn’t clear, me and AnonymousFambase are the same commenter. I just don’t like making accounts so much, and made a slightly different name for my second comment. I’ll probably go with AnonymousFambase for future comments, but either way, I love these chapters!)
10/14/2021 c6 AnonymousFambase
The return of the king! This is still SO GOOD! I am glad to see things are well enough for you to keep writing this. It’s such fun to read. ( I am a bit ashamed that I was two days late on such a long awaited update, but I digress). I don’t know if I can express how great a pure, well written fix-it fic is. Thank you.
10/13/2021 c6 surya25addanki
I like boruto and their characters but hate the show so this perfect fic for me, nice
10/12/2021 c6 777torn777
This is a very pleasant read with excellent writing
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