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for Thranduil's Shadow

8/1 c3 Dream Plane
Lots of action! I love it! I wonder if the poor guy will find the kids? And who does that strange face belong to (I have my theories, but I will keep them to myself for now :D).
7/25 c2 8Raider-K
I really enjoyed seeing a young, awkward Thranduil in Menegroth. Props to you for taking on the challenge of writing something from the Silmarillion, which is no easy feat!
7/25 c1 Raider-K
Ooh. Interesting start! I love that you’re creating a backstory for Thranduil!
7/17 c2 Luthien Tinuviel
Awww... Aerneth is so cute. I honestly wouldn't have been brave enough to shadow the elf I liked!

Oropher is such a two-faced horrible parent! He and Wynne's mother should be together! They seem perfect for each other... *evil grin*

Thranduil really seems like a different elf in this story. He's younger, much more carefree (kind of), and the way we see his thoughts and emotions is very interesting, to say the least. I almost forgot Thranduil had emotions!

Is Thranduil's friend Bereg involved later in the story? (Maybe you can find him a love interest, because no amount of romance is enough.)
7/16 c2 7legolasgreenleaf15
Personally, I think the tone you've set for Oropher and Thranduil's relationship is not too over-the-top terrible. I'd say you also nailed it when Oropher acted all gentle and loving right after smacking his son. I have to say, I was a bit disappointed that Thranduil's mother is on Oropher's side, but at least she wasn't hitting him (poor Thranduil - I'm rooting for him). Aerneth is intriguing, though... It'll be fun to watch her grow, I think. Great chapter :)
7/16 c2 14Katia0203
Enjoying it so far!
7/16 c2 Dream Plane
This is really interesting. I can’t wait to see where it goes!
7/13 c1 7legolasgreenleaf15
Ooo this is an intriguing beginning! I'm feeling for Thranduil - I really am. You did so well with his dread/distress at becoming his father for a little bit and remembering his wife. Also, I absolutely adore how Thranduil sees Legolas, especially at the bit where he mentioned how Legolas had a really readable face. OH I can't wait. All I'm saying is that if you decide to continue, I'd totally read it.
7/12 c1 Luthien Tinuviel
Please continue! I honestly would read anything by you. (If I had an account I would totally fav and follow you!) All the tragic hints leading to the answer about Thranduil's wife are so intriguing. I'm very happy that you made her go to the Havens instead of dying. That would have been depressing. :( I was also wondering which website you originally used/prefer when posting fan fiction...
7/12 c1 15Freya's Valhalla
Well, I love Thranduil-centric stories and you obviously have the writing skills so I would definitely say go for it. Most stories that deal with Thranduil's love life either revolve around Thranduil falling in love with someone that's not his wife (a lot of times mortal) or Thranduil meeting his wife. Neither type of story often make it into "readable" territory, so it would be nice to finally have a story that can make Thranduil and his wife justice.
7/11 c1 AnantaKintara
I love the story about Wynne and Legolas and this one makes me really curious on how it al started. I say yes go write more!
7/11 c1 Erin Wen
Looking forward to the next chapter
7/10 c1 Sarah Miles1
Looking forward to this story as well...I have been enjoying Horse Lady of Rohan. I look forward to reading your updates at the end of a long day.

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