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for Pregnancy Assignment

9/9 c5 15Zexo87
This was a pretty nice story. It had a lot of tender moments between Luna and her mom which I liked.
8/20 c5 15Your Saving Grace is Here
This was a fun little story, nice mixture of both humor and heart (loved the jokes Sam and Mazzy were bouncing around at Luna and Sully's expense). Nice to see that Luna and her classmates have a deeper appreciate of what women who carry children have to deal with, and it looks like now Luan and her classmates are about to experience the same thing as well.

Excellent job, I enjoyed it.

Oh, and there's one minor, yet crucial little detail you'll want to fix: Rita went through the real thing eleven times, not ten. Remember... 1 boy 10 girls wouldn't trade it for the world (11).
8/20 c5 24Boris Yeltsin
Loved it. Great ending.
8/7 c4 15Your Saving Grace is Here
I can only imagine what was going through that one woman's mind when she saw what she perceived to be a pregnant teen playing guitar on a park bench; probably very un-flattering conclusions regarding our favorite purple-clad, freckle-faced musician.
8/3 c4 24Boris Yeltsin
Love it. Curious why use Luna as the main character for this one?
7/24 c3 15Your Saving Grace is Here
Well, I'll be gobsmacked! I honestly never imagined I'd be seeing Principal Rivers pop up in anybody's fanfiction stories any time soon! She didn't exactly go over really well with fans, and it's somewhat understandable.

Either way, sounds like this is going to make for an interesting gig for Luna and her bandmates - we'll see how this works out.

One other minor note: you didn't specify who was sharing the anecdote about Lynn, Jr. using a basketball to pretend to be pregnant while carrying Lucy, then Lana and Lola. Obviously, it would have had to have been Rita, but you only mention a, "She." It was just a tad confusing, since Lana stuffing the basketball in her overalls was in response to Luna.
7/24 c3 24Boris Yeltsin
Cool stuff.
7/16 c2 15Your Saving Grace is Here
I haven't read the funny papers in years, but Zits was surely one of my favorites.

Poor Luna, it seems like this is going to be a lot more overwhelming that even she imagined - and this is just her first night, she's still got the rest of the week to go! Makes me wonder if she'll even make it through the rest of the week.

Also, just a quick little note: when it comes to the story's narrative and exposition, you might want to delineate which Lynn is which, just to avoid confusion. Dialogue can be forgiven, obviously, but otherwise, it would be beneficial to the reader to specify the sister is Lynn, Jr., and the father is Lynn, Sr., as opposed to writing both of them as just Lynn.
7/15 c2 24Boris Yeltsin
Love it. Cute moments here.
7/10 c1 15Your Saving Grace is Here
Interesting concept. I don't know if high school health classes are actually doing such assignments like these nowadays, I just remember we had those robotic babies we had to care for.
7/10 c1 8charly888
Interesante, veamos como escala esta historia.
7/10 c1 781Shaeril McBrown
Incredible story
7/10 c1 4Supermariosunshinr
Please continue this is very good so far and I like the idea so far
7/10 c1 24Boris Yeltsin
Love this. If there's more, I'll be waiting. Hilarious idea.

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