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for The Whisperer in the Dark

8/27 c1 Latarra
Great story.
8/2 c1 138jkkitty1
This is fantastic and such a great fic with the prompts. You never disappoint. Thanks.
7/19 c1 389alynwa
Ah, I was wondering where you were going with this tale. I like that Howie decided having a partner he knew was to his advantage. I felt a little badly about the other agents and I can only imagine how one got stink bombed! UNCLE training is tough, LOL!

Enjoyable read.
7/18 c1 21notsing
Brownie points for me, because I figured out this was some kind of training exercise! Still, I enjoyed this. It's always fun seeing our boys through the eyes of others. Thanks for posting.
7/13 c1 25ShakNali
Ah, I would hate to be in a survival test run by those two!
7/12 c1 elicbxn
Well, as normal, you blew that one right out of the park! WTG!
7/10 c1 1Sarai

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