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for Not The Crown That Makes The Princess

8/6/2020 c3 9Paladin777
I've been meaning to review this chapter for a while now, but I really wanted to take some time and give it a good one!

The part at the beginning of the chapter when the group was reminiscing was wonderful. The shout-out about Herve cheating at robotics was a nice touch!

Sissi's intervention wasn't expected, but neither was it out of character either. In the show she'd shown quite a times that she could be counted to do the right thing when everything was on the line. Her positive reaction to everyone else's encouragement was also really nice.

"I'm not your puppet and neither was my father! I am your downfall!" Epic line is epic ;) and XANA's downfall was also suitably satisfying.

As far as the wind-down goes, I really liked how Yumi trusted Aelita when she wasn't chosen as advisor. Odd and Sissi's playful antagonism at the was perfect!

Overall, all the fluffy bits at the end were wonderful to read!

P.S. I don't remember if I mentioned this in any prior reviews, but I really liked that you made Odd and Aelita really be cousins!
7/26/2020 c3 7Rafsolo
This was a great story! I really loved it. I like how you lulled us into a false sense of safety then dropped the bomb on us with that setup from XANA. Well executed and planned!
7/20/2020 c3 21latinVortex
I was and still am utterly surprised by Sissi’s addition to this final chapter. I mean, I knew you had some plans for her, I could tell by the subtle mention of her during the previous chapters but in the end, she was more meaningful for the plot that what I thought she was going to be. And I must say that I really love everything she did and said here. She was perfect.
Also, the gang cheering her up to do the right thing was lovely.
I think you did a great job with the climax. I even felt nervous when the ceremony began and there was no sign of the gang.
I only think that XANA’s confession felt a little rushed. I would have liked that XANA had put more resistance before admitting everything. I know that by doing that, it would have only increased the length of the chapter lol.
I’m loving Jimbo even more after this. He’s such a great character!
About the final scene, I must love every detail of it!
Anthea’s tiara. And how close Anthea and Odd’s mom were. Also, Jeremy’s dilemma. The OddxSissi moment. Aelita picking her royal advisor. The kisssss!
Everything was just perfect. :’)
I really enjoyed reading this AU.

I think the only question that remains unsolved and that I thought you were going to explain more was the song that Aelita played on the piano in the previous chapter. I guess I'm still curious about how she could have remembered it.

This story is going to my favorites! Thanks for sharing it with us, Iffah. Keep it up!
7/17/2020 c1 7Rafsolo
Very Nice! And fluffy! Nothing wrong with that fluff though.
7/14/2020 c2 21latinVortex
The length of this chapter just deserves a longer review. So, here's the list of things that I've loved from this chapter! (Not in any particular order)
* Odd and Aelita as real distant cousins. I've never thought about how similar Anthea and Odd's mom looked like 'til now. I think that was a nice addition to the story! Plus, I agree Odd and Aelita's relationship it's just as similar as the one you could have with someone from your family :)
* I like the fact that Yumi and Ulrich still have family issues at home just like in the show. I mean, not because I like to be harsh on them but only after reading your stories (this one and also "miscommunications") made me realize how every detail actually means something, and just as a side effect they have stronger bonds with the rest of the gang because they feel like their part of a family. I really like that and it's actually something that happens in real life :)
* Delmas delivering the key for the ballroom to the gang only because Jeremy, the top student, was asking for it. I loled.
* The whole dance lesson (Odd as the instructor was a funny and great idea, and Jeremy's shyness was overcute)
Aelita and Jeremy working on Kiwi 2.0. I think the idea should be explored on another fanfic, it's neat
* Jim noticing the chemistry that Jeremy and Aelita have when dancing together. Obviously, he's a jerlita supporter, and you can see that by the end of season 1 xD
* I have to say that my top favorite part this time was when they danced in the Belpois Annual New Years Ball. That was fantaaaastic, and the meaning behind the first dance within the family tradition, omg, thanks for all the fluffiness! And the unpronounced "Please come back with me and stay here forever". I hope he does something about it in the final chapter.
* From the very first moment when they realized that Aelita could be the daughter of King Waldo and Queen Anthea and how the whole gang did their best to find out the real answer was fantastic. I think, from all the things that happened, I would have loved it even more if the moment when Jeremie and Aelita found the diary was more descriptive or with dialogues. I think that would have been great but I understand the chapter was already too long and you prefer to make it shorter. :)
* I must say that right now Lord XANA looks to me like something between Professor Snape (though I really love Snape from HP) and Lord Voldemort, even something from Jaffar from Aladdin. He's so bad! Agh, I really need to know what's going to happen next. Now, this is a real cliffhanger!
7/13/2020 c2 9Paladin777
Again, an extremely well written chapter! It's been really heartwarming to see the rest of the 'Lyoko Gang' helping Aelita so much, and all the stuff between her and Jeremy is very sweet.

King Waldo and Queen Anthea... it just got REAL! That was an amazing idea, and now you've got me really wanting to know what comes next! You should be very proud of yourself.
7/12/2020 c1 Paladin777
This is a very well written and well done adaptation. The way that you have taken The sheer number of elements from the show and seem less li applied them to this AU is very impressive! From the 'open secret' that is kiwi, to 'Lord XANA' still being the main antagonist.

Side note, as a major Oddissi shipper myself, I'm very curious to see you execute the turnaround you've hinted at in your authors note!

I think my only complaint about this so far is that I personally think that this chapter could have been further broken down into maybe two smaller chapters. That being said, if that's my biggest issue, than I'd say you're doing a great job, because you are and I look forward to reading the rest!
7/11/2020 c1 21latinVortex
I’ve never watched Barbie’s film but who can say no to the royalty school concept! I’m loving so far the story. I even think Aelita could be daydreaming all of this, that would be funny and cute.
I’m glad to see friendship is as strong and unconditional as in the original universe. Must love that! And Jeremy and Aelita’s first meeting was adorable too. Actually, this chapter has just the right amount of fluffiness between these two. My favorite part was when Aelita spontaneously kissed the Prince of France. Cuteness overload.

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