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8/5/2020 c1 21latinVortex
Finally, I have time to post my review here
The story was really nice! It's been a while since I last saw BH6 but I think you did a nice job with the setting of the Lyoko Warriors living now in San Fransokyo.
Of course, it made me smile a lot that Aelita and Jeremy are finally married, and that they both enjoy the illegal bot fights lol :) Yumi and Ulrich looking out for their friends in their own way were cute too. Too bad Odd didn't invite Sissi to hang out with the gang. I think It would have been fun to see her reaction listening to the cop's sirens lol.
The match between Hiro x Jeremy was great. I think it was nice from Jeremy to not underestimate his opponent. The last scene when they met Hiro after the bot fight was adorable, if I may say it. I think it was really great that Jeremy acknowledged Hiro's work. I think it's a kids dream coming true when an adult acknowledge your work, but in this case, they were more than some ordinary adults ;)
I think it would be nice to have an epilogue; you know, picking up something from the movie too. Of course, the story is already good as it is now.
Only one question: when Jeremy advised Hiro not to gamble more than he could afford, did he refer to the loss of FH?
7/17/2020 c1 TheGeekno72
this is absolutely sick, we need a full series, please do produce a BH6xCL crossover, this is way too good to let be a oneshot

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