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12/25/2020 c4 7Awesome ax10
That was an unexpected chapter but really good nonetheless. I really liked the setting and how the characters were depicted Chun Li was a good choice for a cop and the Killer Kitties are a good pair of burglars if not evil heels.

The fight was really good as I kept being on the edge of my seat during it. The comment about the security guard actually had me thinking about the identity of Neko girl's Dad rather it inspired me to make an arc about him like I was planning with Carly's Dad.

Well anyways this was a good chapter and have a merry Christmas.
10/5/2020 c3 WanderingMD
Aww...and Haruna thought she won too. ...course, that's how some horror tales go so...them's the breaks.
10/1/2020 c3 Awesome ax10
This was an incredible horror story with wrestling elements and the finish was exactly that of a horror story you really outdid yourself there. Till next time.
8/1/2020 c2 Awesome ax10
This's a nice chapter and Ayah was depicted well here, thanks for answering my request which I originally got the idea of from you when you announced the story.

I got more detailed idea about that fire emblem based story I told you about:

Charlie being the main lord character.

Erica being an arrogant noble whom acts as a rival to Charlie but have a common goal against Rachel however that doesn't mean they'll let the other kill her before them.

Clementine being a villager who joined the quest to save her family's farm.

Kaito being an incompetent soldier who dreams of being a Knight.

Ayah being an enemy pirate at first but after being payed a huge sum of gold joins the party.

H'aanit being a huntress whom joined the party to preserve the wild life along with Sally the healer.

Thunder Mana being a retired general whom picked up her spear again to protect the people.

Sarah being the Knight of an Arabian themed Kingdom who allied themselves with the Hart Kingdom to fight the evil Rachel.

Calypso and Tayma being dancers.

Midnight and Azarella being a Vampire and Demon whom are under Rachel's control.

Liza being a mercenary for hire.
7/26/2020 c1 Guest
Hello there Epiclot214 i got a chapter idea for you and it involves The Wild West as Clementine Cirrus could be a female Bounty Hunter who’s arrived in the town of Wolf’s Ridge as its named after the rock formation that looks like a Wolfs head that’s on the ridge as she came to the town to help Sheriff Clinton Parsons and his deputies bring in the outlaws Felix Clay, your character Scarlette, Eli Sparks, Jacob Winters and Susie Barker in dead or alive as they have been terrorizing the territory for the past five months robbing banks and trains to holding up stage coaches but now the Sheriff has asked Clementine to come help bring them in.
7/11/2020 c1 Awesome ax10
Nice start if I say so myself. You really depicted the characters well in this scenario, I'll look forward to more.

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