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11h c26 UltimateAnimeEmperor
I'm not gonna lie if you use Matsuda in Motohama in some Eldritch plot, I'll be confused but ultimately amused. As for Nyarly, I get the feeling Issei would take the daddy comment in stride, maybe even be more likeable to her own self than she first thought. Either way I'm glad to see more of this after so long.
13h c9 Apollodorus13
Bro can warp his own existence? Shit, id immediately start thinking “Kryptonian Physiology” over and over again lmao
15h c6 Apollodorus13
I have this image of Yog giddily skipping through time and writting in Issei into all their legends so that their cults know about the King and Queen of the Eldritch, wonder what name you plan on giving him, for some reason Shelboloth stuck with me.

Either way, this is really great honestly
20h c26 Eljin1
this is wonderful to read. some waff and closure for the happy couple, topped with some foerboding at the end.
preach it brother! asia is the purest, sweetest, most innocent thing in existence.
2/27 c16 Iris Laylah
I kinda liked those Blattnungs. Sort of want to see some more of them later.
2/27 c9 Iris Laylah
Aika's party was comedy gold, especially from the mythos us impractically sane people love.
2/27 c26 slydino
Wonderful chapter. Great job and keep up the good work. Can't wait for the next chapter.
2/27 c26 Jamie Charlton
You have made the best story so far i really hope you decide to complete it. And not drop it or out it in hold
2/27 c26 Guest
love it
2/27 c26 Guest
Good chapter
2/27 c26 ThunderBasilisk
Very wholesome. And damn his old friends are bout to pull a stupid.
2/27 c26 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
2/27 c26 1Adro-Sama
Nyan calling Issei daddy is something that I wasn't expecting this soon
2/27 c26 Solace1nS1lence
... Does this mean we're going down the she's a brat but also ddlg route?
2/27 c26 Rimuru-Shiraori
"I was afraid for so long that you were a dream that wasn't real"
Well, reality is her dream. Also, it looks like Nyarlathotep has a daddy complex.
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