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for Dragon of the Eldritch

10/15 c5 SneakyDevil
This is the dumbest fucking this I've read in a long time.

I love it.
10/12 c5 lmc9389
This is some weird stuff lol
10/9 c5 KamiGleen
~The Weirdest boner I ever had... More chapters please.
10/5 c5 azrael09876
Loving the story, when Cthulu shows up is one of her gags gonna be that everyone is upset with her cause she’s the most popular one.
10/3 c5 Ken kaneki's shadow wolf
This is a brilliant idea. I can't wait to see where this goes.
10/1 c5 jiiro
so, I just had a look at the CYOA and noticed something before I had to take a break: between pages 9 and 10, there is something missing, since its after cult mindset and starts with the holy book and such Id guess its something about cult basics/behaviour, Ive got no clue if its a problem with my connection or something else but thought Id mentioned it since your working on it anyway, may just skip it for the time being or work on one of the ones unchosen
10/1 c5 4dcoon
Would aza want him to be given the servant option soon so she knows that there is someone who can and will protect him if he needs to be protected?
9/27 c3 dcoon
I really want Yog to just appear in isseis class mid class to offer him a choice.
9/26 c5 3emiya-excalibur
I hope you really do have them have sex and not have it be block or ruined by someone/thing. I really want to see the adorably, wholesome Eldritch couple do it with each other.

Bonus points that while they are doing it they release an aura of lust/horniness on the town due to them bending reality to a very small degree simply by screwing each other.
9/26 c5 14Garuda1178
Now I'm thinking about Issei's meeting with Nyarlathotep. So Issei meets the other eldritch beings and builds a rapport with them, then Nyarlathotep shows up and starts her thing. Through some kind of perverse sixth sense, Issei deduces Nyarly's true nature within minutes and acts accordingly.
9/26 c1 Banjo the Fox
Issei is garbage. He's a borderline fucking rapist like Jiraiya.
9/24 c1 2Alvor the Warhawk
Having given this fic a read, I gotta say I liked it. Aside from Azathoth and the resulting OPness inherent in such a relationship, things actually seem to be pretty... slice of lifey? I also appreciate the generally positive depiction of Issei. Yes, he is a perv, but he's not a douche about it. I dig it.
9/23 c5 Renaxan
I dont know anything about the lore but i enjoy aza x issei time nevertheless

wholesome story
9/22 c5 Alexander D. Traips
PLEASE update this soon, it's just to good and I'm stuck laughing at near all of the things going on
9/22 c5 1AadenHelan
damn i love this
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