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for Dragon of the Eldritch

2/18 c6 1pdes
Just read this a second time. Just as good as the first. Can't wait for more.
2/17 c6 20jenes-db
nice semi lemon
2/17 c5 jenes-db
Good story. Like damn good. Though It only has 6 chapters and hasn't updated in a while and I'm on chapter 5... why does this happen to all the good fics man. Whatever, good shit
2/16 c4 29Daemon of Wrath
You know, when I keep reading Nyarly in this fic, my mind wanders to Nyarla and Ghast from the Crawling Dreams webcomic by Merryweather Comics.

Kinda hope they're a thing here because they are both so adorable.
2/16 c6 Kael Hyun
I must be some kind of freak because imagining that last scene was incredibly hot
2/9 c4 The Deck Master
Wait, isn't that guy that stole Asia Ajuka's younger brother?

Or am I miss remembering it?
2/9 c3 The Deck Master
Ddraig most have been saying fuck the entire time.
2/5 c6 Gilgamesh King of Mongrels
This story makes no sense and I fucking love it. Azatoth the literal Universe is acting like a teenage girl. Absolutely beautiful.
1/24 c6 The Lazy Dragon
300 review! Congrats and also
This is REALLLY good
I nvr touched Lovecraft other than cthulhu but know I am very interested so thank you for introducing me to this series
1/22 c5 MidnightAmbush
Great chapter and story, I hope there’s no yuri though
1/21 c6 8Morinoka159
I have read this four times now. I'm about to start my fifth. I absolutely love this and I just had to look up and do the actual CYOA. It was fun. Only downside was I didn't really understand how the MP portion worked. Regardless, I can't wait for more! Keep up the fantastic work!
1/15 c6 Mr.GentelStrangler
I don't review things often, but damn. This is some good shit. When you finnish the chapters that it has so far you will wish for more. Goddammit author, now I need more chapters. Fuck.
1/10 c6 Jiiro
Soooo... distractions are bad when typing on a touchscreen, who knew?
Anyway what I meant with the lulz: since basicly Nyarlothep's collar would mean he could call her with a thought and the strength used could mean anything from: I have questions -to: need immediate backup he/they could decide that works but is boring and Issei forms a lamp to pull out of his pocket to call her like genie and have her know to make a show, or maybe a small bell to ring for her to appear behind him like an Igor but in a maid-outfit and have her serve refreshments and such all just to mess with the 'powerful' locals who may or may not be aware of his authority, though all that would probably take some time depending how you plan to build Issei's ...existence (?) and play his character, btw couldn't he in theory munchkin his start with Draig? as in he retains parts of the boost should he want to (don't think Draig would dare forcing such with Aza aware) and similar stuff
Bonus points for something funny to speculate about during the boring parts of work, from this chapter specificaly the potential chaos coming to all the self-entitled, arrogant pricks running face-first into the Eldritch, about playtime among shapeshifters in ways I can't remember having had before and for the amusing thought of Issei being dropped on Gythian (Borderlands 3 dlc) for an other taste of some of the problems the Eldritch can have

Anyway enough rambling, still good writing, still entertaining thanks for sharing it on christmas and cheers to having a better year and not another 2020
1/10 c6 Jiiro
So that was a nice surprise from you, I was halfway worried your stories would be updated according to the listing on your profile ...eeehh... nothing personal but mlp and attack on titan don't really interest me and with work and all I have limited time to even attempt getting into a new fandom
Additionally you mentioned wanting to rework Love Azatoth so this was a nice gift, for some reason I had 'touched by the crimson king' playing in the back of my head when rereading this story, kinda fits with the lemon lol
About Love Azatoth: the cultist part looked as if there is somthing missing so I only skimmed the rest, *eyetwiches* though in retaliation something garbled the file I kept track of everything in *continuedtwitching* and after I put some hours effort in the spawnlings, sigh
still can't shake the thought of Nyarlothep's options being a bit like genie what with the 'phenomenal cosmic power and itty bitty living space' and Issei working that for the lulz
1/7 c6 Dylan-A-Friend
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