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9/4 c1 Guest
9/4 c2 Guest
9/4 c3 Guest
5/31 c7 Ains samaaaa
hey this story was super fun i hope you return to it! :)
2/27 c2 3jiubantai-taichoCalmejaneJose
Ok now I’m starting to think he is kind of an idiot for her deeds she should get at least a few hundred years of service play a Davy Jones vive and if after all that she just attacks a member of the crew then he should just kill her, throw her body overboard if you want he is too soft
12/27/2020 c7 1recordman
The Holy Kingdom doesn't deserve Pavel's service. The queen chose a moron to lead. She spends so much time on beauty products and ways to stay young. A good queen would work herself to death and look older than her years. Remedios should go fight the demihuman invasion and see how she likes it. Of course she would kick ass because of her natural talent and her holy sword, and she would blame her dying comrades for being incompetent. It's everyone's fault but hers.

"Coming from another world" doesn't have to be a loose end. It could be a figure of speech, as in "the place I come from is so different it might as well be another world." If the dragon lords suspect you are a Player from Yggdrasil, they would try to take you out.
12/24/2020 c7 Chomusuke
Thanks for the chapter also, merry Christmas
12/22/2020 c7 Agoodnameguy
It was. Nice to see you and happy holidays.
12/22/2020 c7 morganvb
Ah a new and wonderful story! you gained a new reader!

cant wait to see next parts! can i know how much time you think for doing each chapiter?

Say me in a note inyour next chapiter thx!
10/26/2020 c6 recordman
This story is very interesting, moves fast with adventures, simple dialogue. Sailing with a ship full of goodies feels cozy. There are still so much more that you could write about. The weapon difference, what the princesses would do, the food situation, how does Bill replenish his stock other than having his crew members create weapons and armor from scrap material. When can he launch the ship in the air and shoot enchanted cannon balls from the sky?
9/21/2020 c6 lucifer.john92
hope you're exams work out so you can keep writing this, its a really great story so far and i would love to read more!
8/25/2020 c6 Lew89
Just read your story. I gotta say I’m hooked. It has been a while since an overlord story interested me so much. Good luck on your exams, I hope to see more of this soon!
8/25/2020 c6 holosagewolf32
take care also what type of irl ship design would his ship be classified as?
8/24/2020 c6 Hexal
Good luck on you exams and am waiting with anticipation for your next chapter in a month
8/22/2020 c5 McLoggernaut
freeking awesome plotline! Love the merchant and the character interactions!
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