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for A Meeting at the Gala

10/25 c17 Guest
I like your insights into Elizabeth’s training and their body language during the therapy session. See you next weekend!
10/25 c17 FFreader22
Wonderful weekend reading. Thank you.
10/24 c17 2Aranwyn Nina Song
I’ve mention it before, but I truly do love therapy. and fun fact: I wanted to fly for my country’s Navy when I was younger (couldn’t join unfortunately. I don’t meet the requirements) so that was not only hilarious but also a bit nostalgic. The good kind of nostalgic, so thanks for that trip down memory lane.
10/24 c17 15Rocketlover
Distracting?! Moi?!Sings, 'You say tamato, I say tomato, you say distracting, I say inspiring!'

And it worked too! Not sure where to begin here 'cause its all AMAZING!
Okay, couples therapy...adorable, funny, poignant and effective. I hope we get to see more of Dr Whittaker. Loved Robert's family, and may I say as a veteran of Her Majesty's Royal Navy, I strongly support Anna's choice! Navy beats air force every time!

Robert dressed as GI Joe had me in stitches. Love, love, loved all of it!. Now, when is that ring coming out of the safe? See you next weekend with my cheer leading pom-poms hoisted ;)
10/18 c16 Guest
I like how you changed the sperm bank scene! Of course she wants to be the mother of his children! I was more surprised about your take on Dean Rollins. I had felt that Robert admired Elizabeth’s move to bend the rules to do what was right in that situation but in your version he’s more by the book, letter of the law. I think it works both ways. I do think that your take on Carol is right... she’s too loyal to Mark and the ER to support Elizabeth and Robert. Have you ever noticed that their initials together make ER? That’s because they made the show great! Thanks for sharing your version with us! I’ll look forward to more!
10/18 c16 Rocketlover

Enjoyed the gossip and 'damage control' lunch with Carol, but wasn't surprised that it failed...gossips don't want to hear how much in love they are, or that that love was built on mutual respect and friendship...they just want to hear about the sex! (I want to hear about both, lol).

I love the level of commitment they both show each other in this chapter. Elizabeth speaking of her unhappiness if he was to proceed with the sperm donation, leading to acknowledgement from both that they want children together. Robert's recognition of how much her parents divorce affected her leading to his compromise in attending therapy.

Humour and drama baked together nicely, to make a nice iced cake with a cherry on top. Thank yoooou!
10/17 c16 2Aranwyn Nina Song
CarolHe’s an ass Elizabeth.”
MeAnd what a glorious ass that is.”

Also, therapy is awesome. I love therapy. Therapy works and I just love that you put it in here as a resource that is not just for extreme situations. More people should do pre-emptive therapy in my opinion. Not just couple’s therapy but general get to know yourself pre-emptive therapy. Can you imagine the world if every person had therapy from an early age until adulthood?
10/17 c15 FFreader22
Finally got up to date in this wonderful story. Eagerly waiting to see what happens. next!
10/11 c15 15Rocketlover
"You call her Lizzy?...To her face?! And she's not hit you?" I roared with laughter at that exchange!
Loved Robert's first meeting with Andrew, loved Andrew's wardrobe choice, loved Mark's reaction and the end has just left me all full of fangirl *squeeness* Salivating for the next chapter! Back to our laptops we go and 'see' you next weekend!
10/11 c15 Guest
Oh yeah! And good to know that the Cordano fanfic writers are unionized... I want them to have optimal working conditions and great benefits so that they keep on doing what they do best!
10/11 c15 2Aranwyn Nina Song
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! YEEEESSSSSS! I don’t know how he will ask, but I’m sure Robert will not put the ring in the ice maker.

Also, I loved your comeback to that reviewer. It was hilarious!
10/4 c14 Guest
My impatience has been rewarded with storiessssss! Thanks for making a gloomy weekend brighter!
10/3 c1 Guest
Impatiently waiting for a weekend update!
10/4 c14 15Rocketlover
On a cold, soggy morning what a treat this was! The image of Robert doodling rockets when bored made me laugh. Gwen screaming out he got laid then telling him to use protection also made me laugh (out loud, I may add). The image of Robert in his tux and Elizabeth dressed to kill, swanning out of the ER, arm in arm made me smile. Robert waking up with Elizabeth wrapped around him? Well that just plain old made me *squee*! The morning after? Brunch, dog walks, dinner, Elizabeth ejected from the kitchen (I often shoo hubbie and guests out of mine!), piano, singing, kissing...all of this makes for a warm and toasty Cordano glow. Well done!
10/3 c14 2Aranwyn Nina Song
She said I love you she said I love you she said I LOVE YOU! ヾ(o・ω・)ノ
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