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11/6 c10 Seeking the Miraculous Dream
I don't know why but Miyu shipping Shirou with Raven is funny and adorable. XD
11/4 c10 20NewMystery356
That LETTER opener certainly has an interesting history~
Got caught up. Love it. Eager for more.
11/3 c9 NewMystery356
I wonder if anything capable of performing algebra will scuttle out of the fridge… Also, Shinji’s going further and further over the fee end. Wonder how THAT’LL strike the Titans’ fancy.
11/3 c8 NewMystery356
I wonder how Shirou will handle Slade, and whether or not Slade will oust him.
11/3 c7 NewMystery356
Awesome fight choreography. If anything, they make for good training. I wonder… could he copy Batman’s ENTIRE utility belt?
11/3 c6 NewMystery356
Well… Shinji-2’s mother certainly isn’t in for a good time. Sleep-deprived Klarion is also wildly amusing~ Miyu on the internet is always cute.
11/3 c10 Raging Drake
Wow,I’m suprised shirou got out of that with only suspicion from raven

But zouken’s in the series too…I wonder if Sakura could come back
11/3 c9 Raging Drake
Sh iiiitttt. People are after miyu,Again
11/3 c7 Raging Drake
Love that after all that fighting he goes to miyu immediately
11/3 c5 Raging Drake
So it was shinji! Death to him! Too bad he got away…
11/3 c4 Raging Drake
The guys trying to harm miyu,he is sooo dead. Bounded fields would have detected him
11/3 c5 NewMystery356
Cobblepot keeping a straight face at the whole “soul stealing” thing was a gas~ I’m surprised “Fake Cyborg” had a soul to TAKE. As for the omake with the playlist, that was funny; and probably frightening for whoever reads it later~
11/3 c1 Raging Drake
An interesting start to the series
11/3 c4 NewMystery356
I’m surprised Cy didn’t call the mystery meat “leftovers from Mad Science class”. As for the new perspective he had on his “fellow villains”, that’s definitely a divisive view that’ll make for great dialogue. As for the wannabe Assassin, I wonder how the Titans will fare, because you KNOW they’ll find a way to butt in.
11/3 c10 2a crashclown
Soooo... anyone knows who she is, 'cause I don't? No, seriously, if you do plz tell me no idea.
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