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for More than a Match

7/12/2020 c1 5Adena McGee
Oh this was fun! Nice angle of having Felix do the takedown.
7/12/2020 c1 KiernaRo
What a clever idea, using Felix to take Lila down! Great story!
7/12/2020 c1 91KaliAnn
I really liked this because it could actually work. Plus, its wonderful to read about Mrs. Rossi being reamed for her poor parenting. Seriously, she could have talked with her colleagues, consulted the school, heck she could take five minutes out of her day to research akumas and she would know the truth. Even diplomats get work breaks.
7/12/2020 c1 Dorumakk
Yet another awesome story that I enjoyed a lot. I love all of your one-shots even if I wish they were longer stories. In this case I would have liked to have seen Marinette's reaction to it. But I get that you write as much as you feel is necessary.
Looking forward to your next one!
7/12/2020 c1 Atea1793
Go Felix! I hated how Astruc utterly DESTROYED Felix's character in his debut just because he didn't like him! Talk about a heck of a redemption for him here! Exposing the WORST character in the show to help his cousin is GENIUS!
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