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for Eloquence is for Chumps

8/20/2020 c5 2Deadly-Bagel
You did very well with Stoick in this chapter, to bring him to a begrudging 'alright I personally won't try to kill this one specific dragon as long as it isn't trying to kill anyone' attitude. You somehow managed to do this quite naturally in only a few thousand words, which is impressive really. I'm expecting him to be quite drunk in the near future though lol.

I also appreciate that Stoick continues to be Z's bane, actually jumping on him while nobody else can even lay a blade on his hide.
7/25/2020 c3 Deadly-Bagel
No prob, happy to help!

Hmm, I hadn't likened Hiccup's kidnapping to Valka's, but they were both taken by four-winged dragons in this case. Except Hiccup actually came back. Best not question the how or why, Stoick xP
7/25/2020 c3 Guest
Pretty interesting, I like what you are doing with this.
7/15/2020 c2 Deadly-Bagel
I probably should not have read this after watching Rick and Morty, it messed with the 'voices' of the characters something fierce xD Fit them hilariously well though.

Hmm, there's the Night Fury we were expecting. Female? Oh I wonder where you could be going with that xP I don't even need the other hints lol. An interest in creating copies, though, that intrigues me.
7/15/2020 c1 Deadly-Bagel
Huh. I'm not really sure what I came into this expecting, but it wasn't this xD

I was pleasantly surprised by the intro, you set the scene very quickly, giving us a good picture of who, what, where, and when, all delivered subtly and in context. Hiccup has suffered a beating from his peers and is dealing with it best he can, mainly by getting away from it, and him convincing himself of his own resolve was on point.

I'm... not sure what to say about this dragon xD it defies expectation at every turn. You have my curiosity, and that is not earned lightly.

The only thing I will say here is being careful to stick to a perspective. We go from wondering what this dragon is thinking about when it mentions 'its kind' to getting a detailed account of its thoughts next paragraph, it's a bit disorienting.

Something amuses me about seven year old Hiccup literally tripping over everything that could be tripped over. I shouldn't be amused, but I am. Just the style of the story I suppose xP it's written well. And I appreciate the confusion over the swear, lol
7/14/2020 c2 7Darth Erebus
This was amazing, and I loved it. Got a good laugh outa me, and I honestly can’t wait for more.


Pls more, lmao

Anywho, stay safe and healthy!


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