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for Animorphs: The Rebel

7/16 c1 Pupuni
Interesting story idea! Always nice to see new Aftran content. Ava seems very chill, lol. Good for her and Aftran (btw, Aftran really got a sweet deal here! Lucky her)
7/13 c1 3Kharina1990
Great concept! I love Aftran's character and was always sad they didn't do more with her in the series. It's a really interesting idea to have her come in with a new character as a host as well, adding a different dimension to the team. I look forward to reading more!
7/13 c1 52Animorphgirl
As a fan of Aftran and Peace Movement Yeerk’s, this caught my eye. I am very intrigued by the beginning, and have lots of questions! I hope they will be answered in the next chapters. In short—great beginning and please add more soon!

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