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for Pokemon: Power is Everything

7/22 c3 Guest
Is Ash going to become crazy like John?
7/17 c1 22St Elmo's Fire
I don’t watch the anime, so I’m not going to be able to review this story on content. Please tag your story as anime fic so people searching for anime fic can find it. Find your story under “Manage Stories” and select it from the dropdown menu that says “World: Any” in the “Category” section.

[Those without them are considered Cripples.]

I’m not sure why you capitalized this.

Titling chapters in the story itself looks kinda weird; the dropdown menu should suffice.

You don’t need to label POVs when they’re obvious from context.

Including author’s notes in the middle of a story is not a good idea. Stories run on immersion and suspension of disbelief; interrupting the story and pointing to the wires shatters that, much like an actor breaking character in a theater production.

I strongly recommend against using multiple POVs in the same chapter. The story will be stronger if you can structure it so that we learn everything we need to from one perspective.

A new speaker requires a new paragraph. Not doing this makes me not want to read your story.
7/13 c1 littledipper06
nice chapter
i was kinda tired of the old school fictions so i hope this one is something new

good luck in the future
7/12 c1 Serefall
Love the idea, can’t wait for more

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