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for Edge of Doom Part 4: Stationfall

5/22 c1 2YoungW
Really intense book! A lot of good action, with the terrorist attack on Thellus, and the messy war front on MGX-93776. You do a nice job weaving several strands of plot in parallel, each with its own new characters and events.
Cool deconstruction of some Star Wars staples - like showing immature / incompetent Wookiees fighting with Itoll's squad, and taking the familiar Mandalorians to a fascinating extreme with Ditmas Shar's cult of crazies. The negative side of Jedi characters continues to be very interesting with Jan-Ca Suldor joined by the very imperfect Prococia Olgar'kla and Ekos.
Overall your attachment to the Bothan species brings a fascinating dissection of their habits, language, attitudes, psychology and weaknesses, clearly visible in the plot thread of this Book centred around the Thellus asteroid colony. Great stuff.

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