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for Does Voldemort Even Lift, Bro?

6h c7 6Yaw6113
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.
8h c7 Marksbay
Great chapter!
10h c7 2Tendragos
Nice to see an update. I fear for the welfare of the horntail, poor thing is going to get dragged all the way to England and locked in an arena with Harry. Probably no one will explain to him that he’ll get docked points for slaying the poor thing.
16h c7 magitech
Gret chapter

Loved the scene with Narcissa, Harry is totally loyal to his honey's but isn't above some fun flirting, especially if it annoys Draco. And now he has narcissa doing the whole Luscious thing.

About time anyone in the wizarding world stood up to the cowardly DE's. The way JK wrote is shows how useless and gutless they are. They outnumbered the DE's hundreds to one and all they do is run even though they are armed with the same weapon. Guess it shows the teaching of Dumbledore, bare your throat to the aggressor.

Of course this Harry wants in the Tri-Wiz, he has to show just how badass he is and that reflects on his honey's.
18h c7 Bro
Does Harry even do kegel towel-lifts, bro? Cuz bro, if he's going to be using the contraceptive charm just in case, he should be getting his pelvic floor and BC muscle swole too.

Also dude, Krum looks pretty built, but how serious can that Veela chick and the Instrument Guy be about the tournament when they're so soft and squishy? Send pretty stupid, risking their lives and all. Maybe he should offer to show them the way of the swole like Thicc Daddy did for him?
19h c7 BMS
It's a nice change to see a Harry thrilled to be in the tournament.
23h c7 James Birdsong
Good chapter!
23h c7 3JohnDouglas4274
Hmm, an enthusiastic Harry in the Tri-wiz should be interesting.
23h c7 zippydip
Absolutely brilliant cheers
3/6 c7 1MorphCross
Cedric Diggler wears a prosthetic on his wand to make it artificially long? Who knew!? J/K

Loving this comedy gold story. Really takes talent to channel a consistent Dude Bruh Harry.
3/6 c7 Renzo7
That was a spectacular chapter, Zugrian!

Harry's adventures and interactions are so fun and chaotic that I can't wait to see the next part.

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us.
3/6 c7 38Oxnate
"I haven't had potions yet." LOL
3/6 c7 pratham.bangalore
yep. Fantastic chappy as always. Thanks for your hard work zug, hope to see what happens next. Nice bit of foreshadowing about our Thicc Daddy letting us stone everyone during the tournament. Yes, wordplay is important and i feel no shame
3/6 c7 Hank1967
Awesome! I don't even know where to start... This chapter was absolutely hilarious from start to finish! That bit where Harry and the girls got caught by their mom (!) was just too funny! Loved the bit with Narcissa, too. That was just perfect! The fight with the Death Eaters was excellent, too. Loved how Harry caught the little girl and got his picture on the front page of the Prophet. Love the banter between Harry and Sirius and between Harry and his girls. Very well done that! That last bit was beautiful, too. Looking very much forward to seeing Harry in the Triwizard Tournament! Update soon please!
3/6 c7 2HpFaN2o0r
He would react that way. They are going to be much more upset than canon, aren't they? He'll have to explain he didn't put his name in, but he wanted to and doesn't mind that it came out.
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