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for Does Voldemort Even Lift, Bro?

5/23 c17 omh666
Regarding the bit at the end of your chapter here. It was stated that she was sent as a scout, not that she was meant to actually recover the orb. Believe it was Dumbledor who says it but could be mistaken on that.
5/23 c25 13Steve2
Bravo! Bravo! Well done! That was one hell of a fun read.
5/21 c2 omh666
I was going to mention Harry couldn't have Marge strangled by her own intestines given she died when he was six years old, but after rereading the paragraph, I guess it could be a past tense though. Highly entertaining chapter yet again.
5/21 c1 omh666
Have to admit, I don't generally enjoy pure humor fics, but this chapter was interesting enough to keep my attention. My hat's off to you.
5/13 c1 mst3ktoo
destro, we hardly knew ye. and for a dumb reason too . not liking this Harry so far.
5/10 c25 Ryan
Very enjoyable! Also finished, which just makes it better. Thanks for posting.
4/19 c1 1TheJediOutlaw
I feel like I loved this fanfic before Mashle was an anime and then loved that anime because I loved this fanfic. lol
4/11 c11 13Steve2
This is a great story. Funny as hell.

I am especially impressed with the characterization of non-standard characters like the Squid and the Dementors. I rarely see that. Even though I didn't finish my first HP story, I did create a non-standard charactization of the Halloween troll. It worked with the joke I was setting up in that scene. And in later HP stories (which I did finish) I created characters for Dementors, specifically naming some of them after the Fab Four.

I am looking forward to reading the rest of your story. Well done. Well done indeed!
4/2 c25 Marshman101
That was amazing
3/22 c2 PJOFan
So I think you could expand Harry's 'honeys' to Ginny as well... Hermione will probably never become a "honey".
3/19 c4 3WhiteElfElder
what of the rest of the beast?
3/17 c25 2BlackRoseFire
I have really enjoyed this story.
3/15 c2 Guest
This is beautiful
3/2 c10 kristinamanga
Le loch ness ...? L’auteur à un drôle sense de l’humour ! XD
2/28 c1 NeeLkz
So good
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