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for Does Voldemort Even Lift, Bro?

5/18 c19 6Slytherin7Piece
I like this take on dementors, Also good job on taking the 'ice queen' trope on as well. I always thought 'The Crow' was one of the better revenge movies. Great story, looking forward to your next update
5/18 c18 Slytherin7Piece
I love how Remus' moustache keeps popping up! though it is a bummer Harry keeps striking out in his quest to hook McG up.
5/18 c17 Slytherin7Piece
I am fairly certain Percy would have caught a bit of a contact buzz.

The part about hooking McG up with Rosmerta was hilarious and so was the last scene with Nagini, great work.
5/18 c16 Slytherin7Piece
Huh, Percy is alright in this story. Loved the revenge bit, sending Malfoy and Pansy on a bad trip was hilarious. And Neville's line had me laughing out loud, great chapter overall.
5/18 c15 Slytherin7Piece
Why do I have the feeling Harry's first lesson is going to have something to do with teeth. eing a privilege, fun chapter.
5/18 c14 Slytherin7Piece
The Gryffindor common room is going to be full of buff little dudes soon.
5/18 c12 Slytherin7Piece
Great setup chapter though I am slightly disappointed Harry won't get to explain to Umbridge about teeth and privileges, luckily my second least favourite Weasley will get to fill that role... hopefully. I am looking forward to what insanity fourth year holds and what Daphne is plotting.
5/18 c11 Slytherin7Piece
Harry went all WWE on Voldy, good chapter and I loved the interaction with the twins, Sirius, and Priya.
5/18 c10 Slytherin7Piece
loved this chapter and me and Harry can relate on one thing, I put Tabasco on everything. Fun chapter and I liked the talking squid.
5/17 c8 Slytherin7Piece
Great way to deal with a dragon and what better way to celebrate than a threeway with hot Indian twins. The love overpowering the veela allure is a bit overused, I always saw Harry resisting that being because of his willpower like the imperius curse

Looking forward to Fleur coming into the mix.
5/13 c2 SynBen28
Kind of disappointed we didn't get to see Harry's sorting. The conversation with the sorting hat would definitely be fun. Also, how come no mention about the Gryffindor chasers' reaction to Harry's guns?
5/12 c6 Slytherin7Piece
Murder, child molester,and tax collector the trinity of Evil lmao great chapter loving dude bro Harry.
5/12 c5 Slytherin7Piece
Holy shit the Illuminati paedophile conspiracy. I always thought the Lupin in the movie looked like a pedo. That he whole scene on the train had me cracking up especially delusional Ginny
5/12 c4 Slytherin7Piece
Creepy Ginny is great, I'm just wondering if there is a losers weepers clause on the finders keepers law. Looking forward to third year!
5/11 c3 Slytherin7Piece
That was a fun chapter, I am Half expecting Harry to punch a basilisk out in the next chapter.
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