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for Does Voldemort Even Lift, Bro?

6/2 c1 vmage2
Why is the Power Stone red?
6/2 c24 darkphzero
Harry Squatter youtube vids from the last week or two make me think of this story every time lol.
6/1 c25 6eos9
Yayayayayay! Such a fun ending to a fun story. What a journey it's been. Well done!
5/26 c25 harry uzumaki
It was a fun story!
Great job!
5/26 c1 RegaliaOfRock
There is no good and evil, there is only weight and those too weak to lift it .
5/21 c25 bradwall0715
With this done what is on your thoughts outside of completing the other two fics?
5/19 c25 23stevem1
This is a brilliant story. The writing was excellent, it flowed well, it had action and humor. Overall, it was hard to put down. Well done author.
5/17 c25 Simianpower
Awesome! I've enjoyed this story. It's corny and dorky as hell, but a lot of fun. To Thicc Daddy and Victory!
5/17 c25 taj14
Really enjoyed reading this story,thank you!
5/17 c1 Mikeblade
of course voldy does not lift he is a wizard and there all to lazy to work out
5/17 c25 Ratus
Thank you for these stories, I am sorry to see them end, but they wrapped up well without dragging on. I await to see what you come up with next.
5/16 c25 Guest
A '78 Glenlivet? I'm in tears.

Gimme some!
5/16 c25 7Souen11
The last sentence came outta left field and left me cackling. Also I'm pretty sure Minerva and Charles would hit it off. Thanks for the story.
5/15 c25 8MogtheGnome
This was a very fun story!

Thank you so much for sharing it all with us : )
5/14 c25 Eljin1
wonderful story, highly entertaining!
thanks for completing it.
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