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for Does Voldemort Even Lift, Bro?

8/7 c22 Tomon
Oooh! A comics Thanos, I should have known :-D That's brilliant and the best way to fulfill his quest for the hand of the Death I ever seen :-D Also probably the best use of the Master of Death title.
Really perfect.

Also, Phoenix, the best lighter ever. As was said "You may not like Dumbledore, but you can't deny he got style" :-D
8/6 c1 crazytrini
Kinder upset that Harry killed destro
8/6 c22 oneoddtodd
thank you for another chapter your story always makes me laugh
8/4 c22 lordshuvra
When you wrote "plot" in the heading, I didn't expect that, still this is slightly better than snapping half of the population of the universe to get a girl... sorry "cosmic honey". I hope there's more to come, good day then.
8/3 c22 7Slytherin7Piece
"Not to mention this thing he does with his tongue... That was gold!

And Harry fixing Dumbledore a knuckle sandwich was highly amusing as well.

Actually that whole scene was awesome, well done on Harry's power up.
8/3 c22 61Stormshadow13
8/3 c22 Julie Q
This is a fantastic update - thank you so much for this! :) *hugs*

Out of curiosity, how are Harry's lessons in Hindi from Padma and Parvati coming along? They agreed to teach him back in Chapter 2, and that's the first and last that's been said about the subject since. Is he at least partially fluent by now? Does Harry occasionally hand in essays he's written in Hindi because he got distracted by something [probably one of his honeys ;)] and forgot that his professors can't read Hindi? Does Harry sometimes switch into speaking Hindi without consciously realising it until someone draws his attention to such?

Also, has Fleur started teaching French to Harry and the Patil Twins? Will she start teaching Daphne?

...and pretty pretty please could Harry add Tonks to his harem of ladies during Year 6? ;) Because Tonks deserves so much better than Remus and his creepy moustache... :D
8/3 c22 2Fuck Names
8/2 c22 Guest
Interdimensional dick picks! Brett Favre will never live that stunt down, will he?
8/2 c22 harry uzumaki
Stoned out phoenix and cosmic honey! Lol
8/1 c22 cameron1812
Cracked as cracked can be. Oh man, Thanos going after the hallows so he can get a date with Death? Hahahahahahaha
8/1 c22 Chris PerMow Warner
huzzah! all hail the sexy robot overlords!
8/1 c22 South Monk
nice... I didn't expect this at all lol! Abit short but explosive rofl.
8/1 c22 TheHawk2210
all for a cosmic honey yeah i see where comic book thanos was coming from now
7/31 c22 Cosray8d
I tried to read this fic numerous times but the first chapter really was a challenge to get through.
But now finally I endured the first few chapters and it's been worth it!
Truly a funny fic and it even made sense of some things in canon!
Now that Harry has the gauntlet he won't need the time turner anymore and can make himself real clones for every honey he has and will get in the future (like Luna, Ginny, Tonks and Hermione when she finally accepted the inevitable any marvel girls out there)
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