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for Does Voldemort Even Lift, Bro?

4/2 c17 1trend breaker
this fic is always good for a laugh
4/2 c16 28Kairan1979
Perfect prank!
4/2 c13 Kairan1979
I don't know what's funnier - Daphne's revenge plan or Harry deciding he needs an army of minions.
4/2 c12 Kairan1979
I'm already looking for Daphne's revenge.
4/2 c11 Kairan1979
I knew Harry will fund a way to mess with a reborn Dark Lord.
4/2 c10 Kairan1979
I don't think any DADA book mentions taking a bite out of Grindilow as a method to fight them. Too bad for the books: Harry is just too awesome.
Playing matchmaker for the Giant Squid? That looks like a job for Luna Lovegood!
4/1 c7 Kairan1979
The only version of Harry Potter who is happy to be entered in the Tournament.
4/1 c6 Kairan1979
Harry the Dementor Slayer. I like the sound of that.
4/1 c5 Kairan1979
I half expected to see Harry's boggart to be the skinny short Potter from canon.
4/1 c4 Kairan1979
Hillarious. I wonder if Harry is going to end up the host of Phoenix Force.
4/1 c3 Kairan1979
McG could do much better than Flophart.
P.S. Ginny IS a stalker fangirl.
4/1 c1 Kairan1979
OMG, poor Destro! Maybe Harry should adopt Slytherin's basilisk instead.
4/1 c17 budhayes
Haha, I loved your bit about Nagini at the end. Hadn't really ever thought about it but it really doesn't make sense, unless she was just scouting.
3/30 c17 Fogman94
Harry is such a Chad
3/29 c17 61Stormshadow13
L O L, never thought of that. Poor snake.

Love it! Poor MCG.
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