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for Does Voldemort Even Lift, Bro?

4/15 c18 Sebine
Aww, no lesbian harem for McG
4/15 c18 NobleHumanRocks
Looking forward to see if Harry and the twins can mellow Daphne out. Thanks for the chapter.
4/15 c18 cameron1812
Lifting Army, lust potion, Daphne and Astoria and their parents (hilarious, that), and so much more! Dude! Love it:)
4/15 c18 chuysaurus
I'm so tickled every time I get a notification that this story had a new update. Meathead Harry is Love. Meathead Harry is Life. <3
4/15 c18 BMS
Harry, Harry, Harry...
Daphne is right. Never admit anything.
Fun update.
4/15 c18 3The Woolly Llama
It's not a nitpick or anything, but wouldn't fairies be more appropriate than aliens? With the myth of changelings it would be thematic/fit right in.

But it got me thinking, do wizards and witches believe in aliens? They already have confirmation that intelligent life beyond humans exist, unless all of them are derived from human experimentation like the centaurs and sphinxs, and they have their astronomy and astrology; so surely some of them wonder.

Also glad to see McG's story continue, it's always amusing and the outside perspective is enlightening.
4/15 c18 16stevem1
Brilliant chapter, as always. Robotic Daphne is great, the Patil parents are hilarious (I’m with Chandra- leave me my lies, they aren’t hurting anyone), and Harry strikes out helping McGonagall again.
4/15 c18 magitech

Harry does cause unusual situations to develop quite without meaning to.

Harry suffers from the problem of being the most powerful dude around, he thinks there's nothing he cant handle. Trouble is, he's right.
4/15 c18 12Sultan Asil Arslan-Hiatus
Damn. I loved how Daphne’s family is making fun of classic Daphne tropes most fics use. Wonder how Mr Patil will react when he realizes the truth though.
P.S. Pedo mustache Lupin joke will NEVER get old!
4/15 c18 lazyguy90
Dobby fighting Kreacher for the honour of cooking for Harry Potter was funny.

The fact that he's using newly gained muscle, inspired by his friend, master, and mentor Harry is even better.

I'm hoping Dobby will wind up being the most terrifyingly swole House Elf that ever existed. A knee high gremlin creature, but almost as wide as he is tall, and cut like a horrible 1990's Rob Liefeld comic book superhero.
4/15 c18 Fuck Names
nice chap, daphne's characterisation is hilarious
4/15 c18 Kri55555t00ffer
Looks like Daphne already is set to make Harry her husband while Nagini now is loyal to Harry. It actually led to more inter house unity and cooperation as more and more of the younger Slytherin students now look up to Harry like a role model :3
4/13 c17 Corwyn
I'm loving this story so far and look forward to seeing more. Thanks for sharing it with us.
4/12 c3 MMax
I like the Book Ginny movie did her so wrong.
4/12 c2 MMax
Maybe Harry can beef up his honeys, he can’t watch all of them 24/7.
Harry needs to find Neville a honey soon although he might take it slower withnNeviie.
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