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for Does Voldemort Even Lift, Bro?

5/24 c20 Hank1967
That was awesome! Loved how you dealt with Daphne in this chapter! Dobby's 'most terrifying of honies' was an outstanding line. Also enjoyed how she sent that chicken leg back at McClaggen. That was perfect. And now she knows kung fu, too, eh? Yeah, she's not losing that android from the future tag any time soon. Enjoyed the battle. Glad to see that Harry and his crew were able to foil Voldemort once again. Also happy to see that Neville was able to get revenge for his parents. Using the food fight for cover to steal off to the Ministry was a great idea as well. That was too funny when you had Daphne stop the chicken leg with a glare. Yeah, android. Update soon please!
5/24 c20 2Fuck Names
lmfao. i can't believe he still thinks Daph is an android. Actually, I CAN believe Harry think she's an android due to how crazy he is.
5/23 c20 61Stormshadow13
Giggle. This was awesome! Loved the fight. Loved Harry and his army. And loved Dafney.
5/23 c20 6Slytherin7Piece
Spot on about government workers and weekends. Love Daphne's spell on the turkey leg absolute genius. Shame about the sword of Gryffindor but all in all a fun chapter.
5/23 c20 8MogtheGnome
This story is just so fun, I love it : )
5/22 c20 38Oxnate
How did Harry not make the connection between liquid shapeshifter assassins and V's new arm?
5/22 c20 Renzo7
Good stuff, Zugrian! I particularly enjoyed the statement on lowering health before the finishing move and the interactions with Daphne.
5/22 c20 Sebine
Harry has the IQ of a Koala and the luck of Mephistopheles.
5/22 c20 1Yaw613
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.
5/22 c20 IWantABetterWebsite
I'm starting to think, or at least hope, that Daphne might actually be an android.

Shame about the sword, but I remember saying before that Gryffindor's sword, as it was depicted in the movies at least, was too small for Harry's physique. I hope he takes this chance to upgrade into something like a claymore. Or an impractically large anime sword. Or whatever that weird spinny sword Thanos used in Endgame was.
5/22 c20 1Fellbane
"He's busy," Charlie gulped. By now, he'd heard all the warnings from Harry about this android assassin from the future.

This fic just makes my day. Every. Single. Time
5/22 c20 Guest
"I know kung fu."

Bummer about Harry's sword. Hope he manages to get this one fixed, if he can't find himself a better one.

Millie is in the running for LA MVP. (Most Violent Person) Killing off relatives, while teaching them that teeth are a privilege, is totally the kind badassery that all members of the LA should aspire to. (especially when you have relatives like hers...or mine) Adding in the boot to Bella's twat and the destruction of Rowle and you have, at the very least, McG-level mamajamary. Daphne doesn't count because she's an android assassin. It's what she's programmed for.

Great chapter, as always, dude!
5/22 c20 28Kairan1979
Thanks for the update.
Dumbledore probably enjoyed the food fight. Mclaggen definitely didn't.
5/22 c20 marlastiano
5/22 c20 ilvincitore
Goodness this is fun.
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