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for Does Voldemort Even Lift, Bro?

6/16 c21 Ratus
6/16 c21 Death Lantern
what's next? half blood prince?.. meh ,boring ! Let's have mad scientist Sluggy instead! It would be awesome to see Harry and Co go on a chemistry adventure!
6/16 c21 2Home of the Brave
Thanks for the update. I wonder what Harry is going to get up to during the summer and 6th year.
6/16 c21 1cfp33pfc
Love this story! Thanks for writing.
6/16 c21 badlander47
Great update.
6/16 c21 lazyguy90
What an excellent ending to that year.

I can't wait for Harry's oddball tendencies to collide with the increasingly bleak and dangerous plotlines of Year 6 and 7.

No doubt it's going to be silly, and hilarious.
6/16 c21 7Souen11
Daphne the disguised T-X, surely! xD
6/6 c2 1AliceOne3
This is the best fucking Dumbledore. No other can compare
6/3 c20 Ricee
oh I reached the end of the currently existing chapters, huh. well definitely following to see the rest and hope it dosent get abandoned. to many good fics get abandoned.
6/2 c3 Ricee
I agree with you about the stone colors, mostly, but I kind of got attached to the green time stone, lol
6/2 c2 Ricee
the teeth are a privilege thing Is pretty funny, and got your message. thanks for letting me know!
6/2 c1 Ricee
the bit with thanos is funny, but concerning. hoping the infinity stones don't become to important
6/1 c2 1Thyrokio
The line about the little charm dude mellowing out Mcg was too funny!
6/1 c20 kushOverlord
epic story dude
5/31 c20 1tsun
Badass story.
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