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11/2/2022 c4 SSSra
i like how its going so far
11/2/2022 c3 SSSra
great chapter
11/2/2022 c2 SSSra
awesome chapter
11/2/2022 c1 SSSra
great story
8/6/2022 c6 SSSra
great story
8/31/2020 c6 10Just a Crazy-Man
Love oh Love and going to need all the help we can get
8/30/2020 c6 shypunk
i like how this is going keep up the great writing
7/13/2020 c5 Just a Crazy-Man
Nice update and epic read
7/13/2020 c5 Sir Tristan
great start to the story. please keep this story alive as i look forward to seeing where it takes us.
7/13/2020 c5 AMidsummerknightsSlumber
Well, this is cool. I like the twist of actually having some real Romulans on their way to confirm that their dreams were real. That's something unique I don't remember any other Ship of the Line story having.

I do want to point out that the Star Trek Nemesis movie indicates that canonically the Mogai class heavy warbird is 603 meters long and 911 meters wide. That's over a half a kilometer long and just under a kilometer wide. By comparison, the largest cruise ship in the world, the Symphony of the Seas, is only 362 meters long. The largest aircraft carrier ever built is the USS Enterprise (ironically enough) and she measured in at 342 meters long (5 meters longer than the most modern aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald Ford). The Mogai class is a sizable ship. She's a very beautiful design though. I like it much more than the classic warbird design from The Next Generation.

I hope you continue this dear Author! Until next update, take care and keep up the most excellent work!

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