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for Beyond The Curtains of Fire - One People - One Goal

8/2/2020 c1 Rose d'Epine
I can't connect with my account so I just post without it. it was awesome to read how Cardassian became the way they are. It was really sad to see a culture full of diversity falling for a fascist ideology. It was really sad to see the fate of Kelani people. The divide-and-conquer tactics is the most efficient.
You know, I think this story is a good parallel with the Federation and Starfleet. I agree to say they are open mind about cultural difference. But not really too much. I don't feel like they are ready for the adhesion of Bajor. And even in the Human part of Starfleet, it's the same language and the same culture. I understand, it's an american show so it's more easy to say everyone speak the same language or everyone use an universal translator so no one bother to understand a new are also very atheist (This is a reference for Gul Vorik when he said supertition isn't for Cardassian people).
It was a great story.
7/15/2020 c1 Baasan
The entire history and cultures you have crafted for these stories is very satisfying. There is enough detail to really "see" everything and get a strong sense of the characters.

I also appreciate the continuity as centuries pass and cultures and institutions evolve.

This whole series is well worth rereading to savour the panorama of this universe.

Beyond the Curtains of Fire is also achieving a great balance between the detail necessary for a believable world and moving the story forward.

Thanks for continuing to write in this universe.

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