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8/5 c3 Quenn J
Love this story
7/31 c3 Born reader
I love your characters and will restrain myself from begging for more ;). Thank you for this story
7/24 c3 Rainbow
Wow great fic! Taking it at the perfect pace , while still being suspensful. Good.
7/19 c3 Scoundrel73
Ok. Sweet.
7/19 c3 blueeyes06
Wonder if that is Maura date at the door, if it is hope it gives Jane the nudge she needs for her to realise she is in love with Maura
7/18 c3 janeandmaura05
oh who could that be at this hour maura says lol
7/18 c3 femerlin
Argh! You're killing me with the cliffhangers.
7/18 c2 Louise Hess
hoping there will be more chapters . . .
7/15 c2 PadawanJamo
More, please.
7/13 c2 Guest
Nice banter between them, really enjoying it.

I like Rizzles stories as much as the next person, but I also like drama, so I would be along for the ride if you brought Maura's date back into the picture. Maybe her date could have had an emergency or whatever.
7/13 c1 Guest
Who stands up Maura freaking Isles? Seriously, this lady better have a good reason.
7/13 c1 Guest
Please continue good read
7/14 c2 janeandmaura05
rofl oh jane that's 1 way to ruin an evening
7/14 c1 janeandmaura05
jane and beer lol
7/14 c2 Barbie7088
So enjoy this story, a jealous Jane and tipsy Maura is to funny. Hope Jane don't run, more please
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