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for Escalating Reincarnation

8/2/2020 c1 Ann
Speaking as a statistician, the gender wage gap is one of the biggest data manipulations I've ever seen people get away with. People are paid the same thing for the same job and that's been enforced by laws in western countries for decades - there's only a difference in pay due to women either taking lower paying jobs (eg female social worker vs male engineers) or due to them taking a few years off the work force (lowering the wage average for females overall during those years) to have children.
8/2/2020 c6 JohnWaxman
Hm... Worldbuilding an interesting, necessary but tedious part of any story, making these chapters entertaining could be difficult but this one was both informative, well written not to mention that was very much in character and maybe the most important it was short and to the point so it was very up there.
I can't remember where I heard this but it's an advice that may help in the future, even if no one asked me. Never stop the story only to start explaining the world to the reader. If you must integrate it in a natural setting, like a classroom whe Rudylor goes to school or if you need to dump information on the reader have a Chrystofer Lloyd-like character do it; Doc Brown can make any exposition interesting and in a world with many crazy scientist you can definitely have a Doc Brown.
7/25/2020 c5 JohnWaxman
Hm... The chapter was good and I like your writing style but it was over just as it was getting good.
The choice of Rudylor first panties is undoubtedly something that would weight on him and I feel that you missed a chance for him to look for the closest thing to his Holy Relic.
As small as Rudylor's social circle is and as restricted as he is about what books or information he can acquire it could have been interesting to see a little more of that explored.
I know things will be slow until we reach canon but I feel that, specially with that last declaration/promise to live to the fullest and work hard, thet Rudylor is taking things a little to easy. I know he can't practice magic but he could be reading or investigating about parahumans and their diferents rankings and specialties and ways to counteract them, not to fight but maybe to simply run away from them or something. The same with his social life, making friends and connections should count as working hard... But then again he can wait a few years to start on that. Maybe it's just that I should keep my expectations in check until Rudylor and the others are a little older.
All in all this chapter was a great read that was over too soon for me.
7/23/2020 c4 Guest
Looks like an interesting story so far, keep up the good work! Just make sure to not burn out!
I’m trying to puzzle out what Taylor’s trigger event will be now that s/he is Rudeus and what powers s/he will have. For the trigger, I can only see something like his parents dying in front of him with nothing he can do about it (seems pretty traumatic). Near death experiences probably won’t work for Rudeus since he’s almost died a ton. As for powers...hurr durr bad guyss magicc boom-I mean, maybe degraded magic since souls are composed of mana, so he should be able to use magic? I don’t really know how magic works in MT. You could always go with Skitter’s bug control powers as default though.
Thanks for writing this story, not enough MT out there in my opinion.
7/25/2020 c5 Dasgun
7/18/2020 c4 JohnWaxman
This chapter was pretty good, keep it up but don't feel like you need to publish chapters or else. I much rather read something you enjoy writing.
About this particular chaptere it brings something I haven't considered, how the media will affect Rudylor.
My impresion of Rudeus was that his common sense had some serious holes, couple this with how little information he got most of the time and the result is that as much as he strugled most of the time he had adventures. He certainly had his losses and low points, heck the rescue of Zenith almost broke him but at tue end he lived mostly happy.
The reason I believe ignorance helped him is that when he did receive information in the form of a heart wrenching diary his actitude did change. Seeing first-hand the state of his new world by news and his homelife is bound to change him and is interesting to see in what ways.
Speaking of low points I don't see much that can awaken his powers after some of the things he was through but then again maybe something will remember him of past trauma and he will get his powers earlier.
The only thing surprising is that he hasn't tried to awaken them by himself, he did try and succeded in taching himself his first spell at 2 years old. Of course he yet doesn't know how people gain powers and he may be reluctant to let spiders bite him, bathe in radioactivity or other things that he may be more familiar...
Lastly I was ok with him not having his old powers since he is reincarnated not teleported into this world but if he ever had a vision of a place beyond our know dimension he may connect with someone other than a space worm... Maybe a new hitogami, descendent of himself or something.
7/18/2020 c4 BloodElemental
the story is well written, and if you wanted to capture the 'everything is shit and will get worse constantly' theme that canon worm has then you most certainly succeded. and while this doesn't feel like mushoku tensei at all, due to the fact that rudi is not trying to use his now even higher intellect to get as much information or practice magic(if he doesn't have it then i would question why even do the crossover at all when a reincarnated SI would probably have had the same effect) and seeing that rudi is over 100 years old i doubt he can even HAVE a trigger even so i dont know where you are going with the story otherwise.

but apart from that the story is very good as of this point and ill make sure to favorite it so that i can keep seeing your writing
7/16/2020 c3 JohnWaxman
Another good chapter. It's nice to see Rudeu/Taylor being shown the difference between his previous worlds and this one not to mention we get more characters for the future.
I wonder if he will up his training (that he totally stole from Saitama) and if his skills with a sword will come in hand.
7/16/2020 c3 Ninja6345
Looks very interesting. Well written. Very nice work. Looking forward to seeing this story develop.
7/14/2020 c1 Wayne's old hat
Huh... Unexpected but intetesting premise. You have my attention.
Will Rudi/Taylor retain his/her magic or will it be too OP? About timejumps will...
You know what I better wait. This was a really good first chapter and will waiy updates to se where the story is going please keep up the good work
7/14/2020 c1 Wayne's old hat
Huh... rather unusual premise but I'm intersted in what direction this story will go.
I mean, if Rudi soul was mana will he/she retain his magic? or will his origing outside this universe afect how Rudi/Taylor interact with the shards or...
You know what, I like this premise and await eagerly to more, please keep up the good work and in the meantime I'll check your other stories.
7/15/2020 c3 Dasgun
7/14/2020 c2 JohnWaxman
Great second chapter. I am more than a little curious about how will "Taylor" gain powers but we have quite a few years to wait for that just yet.
I am more interested, for now, into the relationships, not necessarily romantic but which characters will "Tylor" interact with once she level up into kindergarten and beyond.
7/14/2020 c2 Dasgun
. .
7/14/2020 c1 JohnWaxman
I am very happy that there are more fics and xovers of Mushoku Tensei even if I am not so familiar with Worm myself.
About this story there is a lot of potential. If someone can shrug off a gender bend is Rudeus, what I am more interested is in how will his common sense will change this time around.
The thing I loved about Rudeus second life is that with his memories of earth and his encounter with increasingly more capable people. I mean he grew with Paul who could've been a master swordsman if he had tried a little harder and was taught by a prodigy (and Head Goddess) Roxy, when he was about to get the better of Paul he send him where he meets a Sword King, then a legendary warrior veteran of the last great war and then the strongest dragon god. That gave him a wrong impresion of the world, that it was filled with amazing people and that he wasn't all that special wich I believe is the reason of his politeness and caution when adventuring.
I am looking forward to see how his twisted common sense will clash with everyone in his third life.
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