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for Suspended in Dusk

3/27 c5 VryUnique
So dramatic. I always thought him as selfish since the second he imprinted Bella would be history.
3/27 c4 VryUnique
Edward? Already?
3/27 c3 VryUnique
How can he be able to smell Alice? Is the the cave close to the cliff? If it is than he should have found were Bella was tortured. Maybe Alice had to start from the cliff to find Bella. Where was Jasper when all this was happening? I hope Charlie is Ok.
3/27 c2 VryUnique
Hopefully Alice grabbed Bella and ran while Jasper killed Victoria.
I wonder if chloroform would work...
I’ve been reading Twilight for years and always want to yell “Put her in an ice bath.”
Not sure if it would help but never read it in a story.
3/27 c1 VryUnique
That was brutal.
3/5 c15 debslmac
:) loved this story
2/9 c15 twiclare
So sad.
2/9 c13 twiclare
Oh no!
2/9 c11 twiclare
How did Victoria do that?
1/27 c16 VryUnique
Awww... it seems like Bella is getting a full sibling and not a half sibling. It would have been nice for Charlie to survive and him and Renee get back together.
1/27 c13 VryUnique
Jake’s an ass. They’re guarding Charlie, stop chasing so alice can see her coming. Victoria is using him to block Alice and he just keeps following her.
1/27 c11 VryUnique
Victoria seems smarter in this story.
1/27 c9 VryUnique
I see Rosalie is still an ass. Bella asks too much? What did she ask? Only for Edward to pretend to run away with her. What does that have to do with Rosalie? I don’t recall her being asked to do anything.
1/27 c10 VryUnique
Why hasn’t anyone said that Edward didn’t leave Bella in the woods. He left her by the house and she went into the wood.
Bella and her teenage boyfriend broke up, he moved away with his parents. Was he suppose to stay behind somehow? I mean, come on! Teenagers break up all the time, how does that make Edward an asshole?
If Edward left and Bella said “Oh well, we weren’t really getting along anyway” and than went back to enjoying high school would Edward still be thought of as an asshole?
1/27 c8 VryUnique
It always seems so ridiculous that the wolves don’t ever seem to forgive or understand why the Cullens left Bella. If they had gone to the wolves and said we have 2 choices, change Bella or leave her, which option do you think they would pick? Leave of course!
They are always yelling “you left her” when they should be just saying you should have stayed away from her to begin with.
Edward should be telling Bella that a newborn needs to be monitored for a year, that it is the law.
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