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for Suspended in Dusk

1/26 c6 VryUnique
What is wrong with them all? Priorities people! The only one worried about Charlie was Bella while she was changing. Now she’s changed and didn’t give him a second thought and everyone else is now asking about him.
1/24 c16 ChrisDGoosey
Oh, now that’s sad - but everything is making sense. I’m looking forward to Bloodline.
1/24 c15 ChrisDGoosey
I really enjoyed this. You can certainly write action.
1/24 c14 ChrisDGoosey
I think I felt sorry for just about everyone at some point during this chapter. LOL! I love Charlie but somehow I don’t mind it when this happens, especially when it’s handled like this.
1/24 c13 ChrisDGoosey
Good writing. Edge of the seat action. Well done.
1/24 c8 ChrisDGoosey
Good chapter and quite a day for Charlie.
1/24 c7 ChrisDGoosey
Using the different POVs is bring a new slant to this, which is working
1/23 c4 ChrisDGoosey
I’m liking this
1/23 c16 grandmachix
Oh! When Edward discovered that Reneé was pregnant... Is it Charlie's? Perhaps her Christmas gift to him bore fruit.
1/20 c16 ReBernardi
OMG! The baby is Charlie’s baby!
1/19 c16 bettononalice2
Is the baby Charlie's or Phil's?
1/18 c16 lillianolivia.white
This was so sad. Good first chapter. Renee sometimes doesn't use her brain.
1/18 c16 SassYNoleS
Love love love !
1/4 c15 jen5795
That was amazing! It was so good but I hate that Charlie had to die.
1/2 c15 Ajfflady
This was a brilliantly written twist on New Moon. Loved the music choices, can’t go wrong with Slipknot. The gruesome end of Charlie was so graphic, fantastic. I’m going to be recommending this fanfic for anyone wanting a great vampire story. Have you read The Remnants by maembe13? Do it , it’s gonna blow your mind such a twisted Twilight fanfic.
Truly this was a fabulous twific. Congratulations on being in the top 10 you earned it with this.
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