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for Suspended in Dusk

10/27/2020 c12 Rita01tx
I could really picture Jasper's trainin' techniques, mostly thanks to Eclipse, of course LOL! But Jacob's furry butt is in trouuuuble!
10/26/2020 c12 lillianolivia.white
Omg, she is going after Charlie again. Will Bella and the Cullens sense her. What is Jake going to do alone. I cant believe he is still fantasying about Bella when she is now a vamp. Not gonna chapter.
10/26/2020 c12 2muchtrouble
Jake better use that wolfie mind thing to call for help!
10/26/2020 c12 SassYNoleS
Ooh Jacob is an impatient shit isn't he? He'll probably get someone else hurt, or himself killed *shakes head*

Cannot wait for more X
9/10/2020 c11 Toni Masen
9/9/2020 c11 3Kayozm
Wow, that Victoria really is a nasty piece of work, isn’t she.
Also- poor Charlie!
9/7/2020 c11 CoppertopJ
I was so thrilled to receive this update. Thank you. Hope you are well. So, now Vic is a hacker. Well I think Bella should become a hacker as well, and hack every limb and protrusion from that bitch's body.
9/7/2020 c11 lillianolivia.white
Vic is toying with them . She wants Bella to rush out alone so she can attack. Hopefully Bella will be able to contact Charlie soon. Great chapter.
9/7/2020 c11 Rita01tx
OMG! That was spooky as hell and whoever put it up just sealed their fate, preferably at Bella's own hands...and teeth! Just wait until Carlisle gets home with the news that Charlie had survived a one-on-one encounter with Victoria!
9/7/2020 c11 SassYNoleS
Charlie kind of took the marriage of Bella and Edward ok? .. It honestly could have been worse, though I am thinking that it is because Carlisle distracted him by asking about the scratch on his face ..

The video that Victoria somehow played, was it of her hurting Bella or showing that she can easily get to Charlie anytime she wants ...?

So cannot wait for more X
9/6/2020 c11 traceybuie
Thanks for writing and sharing.
9/6/2020 c11 MsLiss
Thank you
9/6/2020 c11 2muchtrouble
Poor Charlie! So many strong emotions in this chapter.
9/1/2020 c10 Toni Masen
Jacob being as nauseating as usual, just can't accept that all she wanted/needed was a good friend. Now who's ringing the doorbell...I think ...Carlisle. LOL
8/28/2020 c10 celajwhitney
hmmmm, i wonder who it is? more please.
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