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for Prince Haraldr

12h c1 Kyra Nessej
and I am out of here
9/15 c40 ScarletRainbow1
I love this story. Keep up the good work.
9/14 c40 Bountyhunter1977
If Harry absorbed some of that power what kind effect would it have on his abilities and physical body?
9/14 c40 debygoebel
Great chapter
Loved the differences
From cannon
9/12 c40 Harrison
Hmm...So Thanos started this week with one infinity stone, and has none now.

Maybe the next step for him (not that I would ever dream of telling you what to write), should be for him to realize that Gamora was lying about the Soul Stone's location all this time, and for him to go after that stone.
9/10 c40 Guest
Love the chapter and ending versus just sending the nuke ip
9/9 c40 Guest
Holy shit that was a Rollercoaster ride of emotions.
9/11 c40 3RHatch89
Great update :) Love the brotherly banter :)
9/11 c40 01SiriuslySirius04
Awesome this is...keep writing
9/11 c1 SHWAT
Very cool! Want more!
9/11 c38 Literary Consumer
I like this new twist that’s just been added. And I love odinson interactions too
9/10 c40 demon87
Very super
9/10 c40 Naruto420
Haha. I like it. Now tony is going to annoy harry XD
9/10 c40 The Lion's Pride
So I can assume the Darth Maul reference is for us, rather than Thor or The Other. Right?
9/9 c40 FuryJoe
great story
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