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9/16 c1 19SowenElf
What a good little piece! I love how you connected mother and daughter across time, and even brought it into Season 3! Not enough of that out there.

Good job! 3
7/25 c1 rebeccacarson
Loved this!
7/14 c1 Guest
The characters keep calling Irina a "traitor," never considering that it's impossible to be a traitor to a country you never had loyalty to in the first place.

Starting in Season 3 the fans really started noticing that there was clearly no real plan for the show. Some of the most obvious cases are Lauren's mother saying she truly believes that her evil actions are for the greater good never being explained, and Sloane violently killing someone who insults Rambaldi by saying immortality is all his endgame was about, only for the show to end up saying that actually is all he wanted.

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