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4/15 c13 Kaylin
Hello person I came here to say that you did a good job writing this fanfic I was surprised when I saw that you heard the exchange of partners there are not many fanfic's that this occurs I must say that you won some more points in my book. I like the fact that Yang and Ruby used Ruby's near-death experience as a way of growing up, or at least pointing out some direction for growth. I didn't really see Coco's entrance, but she did and still helped Ruby - at least a little bit - and it was a welcome thing anyway. If I could really point out my favorite character, it would be Yang, because although she herself was in danger and suffered some impact in the fight, she gave the girl the biggest worry in her mind - although I thought she was a little stupid she seemed to ignore that she herself was in the risk zone and could have died. You asked us to talk about what we hope for, so here it goes: I hope there will be more appearances by Velvet and Coco; that Blake at least think about calling his parents and letting him know that he is still alive, well and away from the White Fangs; that the food war happens, but it is different from what happens in the program; that Ruby or someone else on the team suspects Cinder and / or one of his minions when they are in the Beacon; there is more Ruby involvement with Penny; and last but not least, Yang understands that he can trust Ruby and that this is not a sign of weakness if she trusts her younger sister. I know it's a lot to expect, but you can't stop a girl from dreaming, can you? If I may ask, why did Blake choose Ruby to be his partner, or was it just the little disagreement she had with the youngest that motivated her to seek her out? Did Weiss really regret what you said to Blake about faunas? Will there be any romantic relationships in the story? Do you have an update schedule for the fanfic or do you leave when you finish writing the chapter on random days? As for your thanks, I accept, but I also leave mine: thank you very much for writing this work that was wonderful to read, and I am waiting for the update. I swear I had already made another comment, but when it came time to put it in Google Translate, put it in English, I ended up erasing everything I had written, it hurt my soul with the bullshit I had done, I almost didn't want to write this one, I was sad to think of my excluded son even before he completes 2 minutes
4/12 c13 whirlpoolartist
Hi! Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this, and cant wait for the next update. Thank you for the fic!
4/9 c13 Caver Floyd
Good story, definitely like Jaune’s role here better than in canon. I’m glad Ruby was able to keep Blake from running away and making the rest of them track her down. If Cinder is expecting Ilia to be part of the Haven team, maybe as a body double/source of alibi, she might be disappointed when her composure cracks at the sight of Blake.
4/8 c13 1hyrushoten
Well I for one love this story. Everybody comes across as both believable and just a bit more complex than in the actual show. Despite that added complexity the pace of the story doesn't suffer. It's obviously slower than the show, but it keeps a steady pace.
I actually have two favorite scenes. The first is the fight at the docks as it was a well written action scene that managed to convey the tone and action without getting bogged down trying to describe what everybody was doing at all times.
My other favorite was when Blake revealed her ears to Ruby and their conversation afterwards. As much I liked Ruby playing with her ears and the heartfelt conversation they had, what sold the scene was Ruby sharing taste in music. That provided both a good call back to Ruby's earlier desire to do so and set up the following scene where they are listening to music together.
As much as I like team RWBY I think my favorite character in this would have to be Ozpin. He's just handled perfectly, especially compared to how most fics handle him. He actually comes across as a very experienced headmaster who's there to guide his students without controlling them.
The only real request I have for volume 2 is to have its own plot and to avoid the stations of canon. Have the changes that started in this volume continue to reverberate and grow.
Thanks for the story and I'm looking forward to more.
3/28 c13 2The Atlantean King
It feels like too many people who are actually named characters are accepting and supportive of Ruby, while unnamed background nobodys are against her. Coco is another in a long line of people who seem fine with Ruby. Typically people who have negative opinions are more willing to share then people that don't, so having so many people willing to help is kind of boring.

The result is that most of the conflict is removed and Ruby seemes less hated by core characters and more vaguely disliked by people who don't matter to the story.

Good all around story though. Can't wait for the next big plot push.
3/28 c13 Farthaz
Oh, and other thing, THANK YOU for not making Jaune a complete idiot. I hated him during the first volumes and how he was written was truly pathetic, it was not even funny! You're keeping his personality with his normal awkwardness (demostrated in fairly short periods, enough for a side character) without ridiculazing him
3/28 c13 Farthaz
Hey I'm really liking your apporach, especially how you handled Blake and Weiss' situation, it was realistic and in tune with their personalities. Keep up the good work.
3/28 c13 xfel
I was unsure at first how much a story can be carried on this premise, but this one does well to use the premise as a step stone for lots of well written character interactions. Onwards!
3/28 c9 xfel
Good battle.
3/28 c7 xfel
I love this! Ruby's straightforward ansers to problems were some of my favorite moments of v1, and this story is basically more of that.
3/21 c13 BlindFaunusGirl
Really enjoyed volume one. I have always found Blake and Ruby as partners especially in the beginning as beneficial. Just like Yang is able to balance with Weiss better. I like how all of the characters evolved. Though I am glad that you are taking the time to show it instead of just all the issues suddenly solved. Blake’s reveal seemed practically perfect, Ruby fawning over Blake’s ears was adorable. Interesting bringing in Ilia like that. The interaction between Coco and Ruby as well as Velvet and Blake was great, hoping to see more in the future. Looking forward to seeing where you take things going forward. As to favorite character it is Blake.
You know it never really made much sense for Ruby to be so bad at close hand quarters. Tai is a master and Yang was on her way. Only thing that makes sense if they suck at teaching someone with Ruby's build though that doesn't make much sense as Tai is a teacher, though I guess one could state that it is the beginners course.

Haha foreshadowing The Hound in this it seems. Bringing it in earlier? That'd be cool.

Ilia is a Chameleon Faunus. Wouldn't really call her a shapeshifter unless it has to do with her semblance, not sure what it is. You could be changing it I guess.

Ending seemed weird. Seems like Neo does not want revenge as much now.

Good chapter.
3/20 c13 2merendinoemiliano
Nice job, curious to see what you're planning about the White Fang
3/20 c13 Heavyarms150
Well you were right. I was definitely wrong about yang and the codependent angle is interesting and makes sense for two sisters who raised themselves. If you make it to raven please don't follow her canon character as I think most fans agree what rt did to her character with abandoning yang's search for answers a huge disappointment as well as a disservice to who raven could have been. Looking forward to the next and you earned a follow from me today
3/20 c13 1RedFalconWriter
Don't let low review numbers discourage you. This is a unique concept, which is an achievement in and of itself, and you're doing an excellent job with it. Keep it up!
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