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for Lessons Learned (Brothers Lost) It's the Pain of Growing Up

10/28 c1 6Slim 'Tech' Sherman
Are you kriffing trying to make me CRY? To late now...I think I'm actually going to...
9/15 c1 Rexsoka66
This is your second story I've read, and I love how you're portraying the relationship between the clones and Ahsoka. So. Much.
And, as it turns out, I'm not a heathen. I love Mando'a! After watching Rebels, I got addicted to reading about Mandalorian culture, history, and legends. (may or may not be because of the Darksaber arcs with Sabine) I was learning Mando'a so that I could understand the clones better, because the language is a part of them (and now, me).

I'm just wondering, are you taking one-shot requests?
Person Who Also Got Disney Solely For Watching Season 7
9/5 c1 20Melwa Rat
this hurt so bad! I love how Kickback and Swoop forgave Ahsoka and the end was so heartbreaking. The clones didn't deserve what happened to them. :((
7/20 c1 40JimmyPenguin421
I really liked how Swoop and Kickback comforted her and stayed under her command, but at the end... MY very soul was torn away.
Overall, excellent work!
7/15 c1 108rainingWolf
MY FRIEND! First, hope you're doing well and that you and your family and loved ones are healthy and keeping safe. Second, I LOVE CLONE WARS AND YOU'RE A FAN AND I JUST- SEASON 7 BROKE ME AND SHATTERED ME ACROSS THE UNIVERSE! And YOU JUST ADD MORE HURT TO IT AND I absolute approve. What a way to tie in how Ahsoka has changed and matured throughout the years with the story beginning in season 1 and ending it with season 7. I can literally feel Swoop's angery and energy from the very first sentence when he explodes and how he deflates when he finally FINALLY realizes that they're not so different after all, the Jedi and the clones. Kickback feels like the more mature one, the one who can detach himself to look at the whole situation from another angle. Nice story and thanks for sharing with us! :)
7/15 c1 7KarajeJinsta
Oh my gosh. This is so beautiful. Poor Ahsoka!
I love this story so much, I’ve always wondered how the surviving pilots would feel, how they would ever trust her again- now I know!
The names in her gauntlet just made me cry. Thanks for this.

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