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for Bitten

8/3 c7 10HonestBee
Of course Ms. Teo could pull that off, love the ending! And I like that Eliot is just vindictive enough to be pleased at the thought of pulling teeth from a live vampire. I can just imagine his grin!

I see you have a new story, but alas I must wait just a bit to begin reading it...
7/29 c6 HonestBee
That little war seemed like a lot of fun, actually! Is the little vampire girl based on a particular local legend? I'm going to do some looking after I finish this review, but it seems like something that would crop up in a haunted city like New Orleans.

I still love Ms. Teo.
7/27 c5 HonestBee
Eliot's "friendly chat" with the manager was so perfect, I laughed out loud and almost choked on my lunch! You definitely have a great handle on his characterization! I also laughed at his comment to the store clerk, though choking was not involved that time.

I love the background details you've added about Ms. Teo's past and what she knows about Reese and the vampires, things like that really flesh the story out. Will be eagerly awaiting more!
7/24 c4 HonestBee
This chapter gave me the warm and fuzzies! I love Teo's no nonsense yet caring manner, and how Eliot is rather bemused at her for helping him when he thinks she has no reason to.

And is this also the origin story of Eliot's lip scar? Perfect!
7/20 c3 HonestBee
Stupid phone posted before I finished...

I now want to know why Eliot and Reese were on relatively good terms in you previous story after this had happened.

I'll be watching for your next chapter!
7/20 c3 HonestBee
I officially love old Teo. What a heck of a first meeting!

And don't worry about the second chapter, I think you did fine. Considering the lore around vampires, I think you were pretty spot on with what they did to Eliot and revealed just enough to keep it "real" without getting too lost in things. I loved Eliot's reactions as well, and kind of laughed at the "some had licked him again" mindset...like "eew, cooties!"

I now want to know why Eliot and Reese were on relatively good terms in your previous story
7/20 c2 HonestBee
I had to remind myself this story is pre-Leverage because I wanted Eliot's family to come rescue him! Those are some nasty vampires and I'm pretty sure I will not ever be visiting New Orleans now!
7/16 c1 HonestBee
Well this is a fascinating start! I guess I shouldn't be surprised that there are more than just werewolves in Eliot's world. You did a great job building the scene again, and I still love your depictions of New Orleans. Of course, I'm not entirely sure I ever want to visit!

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