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for The Lust of Gryffindors

4/11 c1 1Stornislav
This was one of the very greatest fanfictions I've ever read. Literally on the list among Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, and Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches.
4/6 c44 2Specky Clarke
I really don't know what the fascination is with anal sex. The thought of putting my cock into a tube filled with decaying food matter laced with various encapsulated Viruses and Bacteria is horrifying. Just to experience it I used a Dildo once and there was no sexual feelings or excitement, just discomfort and a horrible smell when I took it out.
4/6 c38 Specky Clarke
I always wondered where the term 'he/she SLEPT with' instead of 'he/she shagged'. Earlier in the story you said that Harry 'slept' with eight girls in the last hour. There was no sleeping going on, just enjoyment on an epic scale. Great story, Loved time with Susan, and it was a good battle scene.
4/4 c21 Specky Clarke
Excellent chapter in a marvellous story. A really great version of the scene, well written.
4/3 c12 Specky Clarke
This is a fabulous, well written story. How did you get it past the Puerile, Puritanical Nannies that run this site? VERY well done.
4/2 c10 Kath Potter Cullen-H.T
4/2 c9 Kath Potter Cullen-H.T
Awesome. Definitely one of my favorites fics
3/30 c54 Guest
I'm literally sobbing I'm so upset it's over
3/28 c54 26EJ Daniels
My, my, my, but you, Dear Author, have a depraved mind. Deliciously so I might add! It isn't often I come to the end of a story and go "That's it?". This is a story it would have been fun to see continue...the longer the better (no pun intended...no really). Maybe even a Pride outside of Hogwarts. It certainly sounds like there is a need for one in the wizarding world. While I realize not all will appreciate your story, I did. It had just enough plot in it without it being too much. Can't have such a silly thing as a plot getting in the way of copious amounts of sex now, can we? Thanks for your time and effort and for sharing this with us!

Kind Regards,

EJ Daniel
3/27 c9 Pteaset
So good
3/27 c2 Pteaset
So fucking good
3/27 c1 Pteaset
I love it
3/17 c24 RaKlOo
with this aging you have done so that they are a class higher or that they start learning from the 12th and not the 11th year
3/16 c54 Guest
A whole story about male and female whores instead of love or romance
3/16 c54 1Celexs Draconia
This was a wild ride, I look forward to seeing any snippets you post in continuation.

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