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for The Lust of Gryffindors

3/27 c9 Pteaset
So good
3/27 c2 Pteaset
So fucking good
3/27 c1 Pteaset
I love it
3/17 c24 RaKlOo
with this aging you have done so that they are a class higher or that they start learning from the 12th and not the 11th year
3/16 c54 Guest
A whole story about male and female whores instead of love or romance
3/16 c54 1Celexs Draconia
This was a wild ride, I look forward to seeing any snippets you post in continuation.

3/14 c38 Guest
I wat to read more of Hermonione's Pov. I rather prefer read about her fucking than any other character
3/14 c54 geenakmom
This was Brilliant!
3/3 c38 Igniferroque
Your sexual use of polyjuice and people’s reaction to them is both creative and brilliant.
3/3 c37 Igniferroque
Thank you for putting in the time and effort you obviously did to write and finish this work.
3/2 c20 Igniferroque
I like your virginal Daphne.
3/2 c16 Igniferroque
Well done encounter with Fleur.
3/1 c54 Bman1233
I really wish you would right an epilogue or final chapter. There were some unanswered questions. What happened in the meeting with the sisters in South America? You mentioned a few times about a conversation Harry and Hermione both said they needed to have over the summer. What happened? I would love to see them agree to be together but remain in the Pride. Bet they could open a club after Hogwarts where this is a membership driven thing they pursue afterwards. Well either way, this is my favorite smut fic. There is great character development, great plot, and hot as fuck sex scenes.
3/1 c4 Igniferroque
I’m looking forward to your freaky Hermione.
2/25 c54 2DigitalReaper
So…Any chance for a sequel? You know… for scientific purposes? Seriously though, this is a great read. Smut with plot and deals with the emotions and and thoughts as the characters descend further into depravity. I’m bad at explaining things but TLDR; this is good… Want more.. 12/10
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