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for The Lust of Gryffindors

1/5 c54 Joanna
This has been a brilliant story to read! Smut aside...you're a very talented author. I hope I can find more of your stories!
12/29/2021 c32 Joanna
I've been reading this for a while...and I have to say it's one of the best fanfics I've read!
To answer the question about female readers...I'm female, and genuinely thought you were too from how well you're describing things!
12/27/2021 c4 Proll
It looks like it's not my cup of tea.
12/10/2021 c1 Dready1906
I've been reading fanfics for 20 years, and I can't think of one better than this. Plenty of plot, and the lemons are varied, some pretty outrageous and don't get boring. The typical poly-HP fic is a) Male MC gets a harem of a dozen, occasionally hundreds of women and somehow wears them all out (gets boring after the 15th MFFFFFF scene), or b) female MC finds herself trapped in marriage law with people she hates. I'm a big Harmony fan, and this is the first one I've seen where both of them get to go nuts with each other and others without all the jealousy and angst - just good fun.
I the only thing I would adjust is perhaps where Harry and Hermione explicitly recognize, thanks to their pride experience, the difference between love and sex, admitting that they are in love with each other and intend to stay that way, but still have plenty of fun and games with others, whom they may be very fond of, but is not the same as what they have. It kinda goes unsaid in most of the story, but it would have been nice to pull on that thread a bit more.
Awesome work - Definitely in my top 3 (out of thousands). In fact, one of my other top 3 faves is the tragically unfinished 'The Harem War' by Radaslab, which is not only incomplete but suffers from the aforementioned umpteen MFFFFFF scenes (but the story is awesome). May I suggest that Porpentine consider either completing that story, or rewriting it, but where the MFFFFFF harems become a bit more, shall we say, intermingled ;-P
12/8/2021 c1 senawario
I like smut, heck I am a regular on literotica dot com (different userid of course). But this got real boring real fast.

No idea if you have a plot in there but I got bored a few chapters in and gave up.

If you could separate the smut and the plot I suspect your fic would be a tenth of what it is, if that.
12/7/2021 c24 Yuigfhf
just a quick question, but Harry stated that he'd be turning 16 soon, when it should be 15. is that a typo, or did you bump everyone up a year in age? if you did, I must have missed that and I apologize
11/28/2021 c54 Guest
Very good. Does anyone know fics similar to this?
11/27/2021 c21 1Slytherin2021
11/27/2021 c54 Dann
abosuloutely incredible. you should go full time as a writer. can you do a seventh year please.
11/23/2021 c54 amortentiate
First of all, thank you for writing this deliciously naughty work of art. This is definitely canon from 4th year on out for me. Ms. Rowling's got nothing on you. lol

More so than Harry, Hermione was my absolute favourite character in this story. She has the most character development and has turned into a true Gryffindor that dares. Her happy ascension into wanton bisexuality was a true joy to read. I want to read so much more about this version. Is it possible for you to continue her adventures in a sequel please? I really want to read what she does with the hot Brazilian women. I want to read what she does with Pansy in the summer and does she finally get down with Tracey and Daphne. It would be a delight to read about her adventures with Ginny, Harry, Luna and Tonks.

It would be a true gift if you can continue the story for Harry and Hermione's 6th and 7th years. The naughtiness will be overwhelming. We have seen Angelina's version of the Pride. What will Hermione's version will be like? I want to see that.

Harry Potter in this story was quite bit of an improvement over canon Harry Potter to be sure. I definitely want to see this confident and relaxed young man going through his 6th and 7th years in Hogwarts. I truly appreciated that Harry and Hermione are not in love and thus completely avoid the usual pitfalls of a common garden romantic pairing story. They are true friends and partners and that is quite a few degrees better than just 'troo lurve'.

Harry and Hermione will definitely create an alumni version of the Pride, where they can invite all of their friends. Why should only kids have all the fun? lol

Truth be told few of the scenes grossed me out. The male/male ones are not my cup of tea. However, it did not detract from the overall story. So thank you for keeping it mostly off-screen.

Hopefully there will a true sequel to this wonderful story and not just omakes, deleted scenes and alternate scenes. This world you've created truly deserves to be built upon more. And truthfully I'm willing to toss a few shekels your way if you have Patreon. I'm all for encouraging the creative arts. lol

11/23/2021 c54 3fred2008
All that and no one once mentioned Harry using his acquired language to have fun. It would've been hilarious to envision the many eyes that would pop open once he used the ability.

Still, a good read, cheers!
11/18/2021 c54 1wildpleb
10/10 this was a amazingly written story. Drama and action was great and the smut was fucking great. Can't wait to read what you write next.
11/13/2021 c54 Sqsa
Hmm… tasteful and delightfully written story.
11/6/2021 c54 ak
bonne fic! :)
11/1/2021 c54 EvilDaveCanada-Temp
I loved this mix of Plot & Smut.
I was just kinda hoping that you were going to keep going through to Harry's & Hermione's graduation.
Then the plotline of Harry finding a After Hogwarts club would have led to POVs both in and out of the school.
That or they kept up their connections with the class that had just graduated so they could work on creating their own club.
Harry & Hermione had such a good relationship discribed both in & out of the pride that I could easily imagine them getting married and being the backbone of a massive spousal/SO swapping club for graduates.
It also would have been interesting to read about Hermione's trip to South America.
I feel that you have built up the character development so well that another author could maybe carry on the story right from the end of this one. I just would have liked to see the original author do it.
With V died, the final two years for H/Hr could be so care free that the plots of South America, H/Hr's summer & finding/creating the After Hogwarts Club would have filled in the time between their fun & games at Hogwarts and any other plots you could come up with.

I think this is also my biggest/longest comment on FFN to date because as a totally non-writer, I don't review because I don't feel I have the right to tell someone how to do something when they are the who is doing what I know I can not. They above comment is really more of a whine about such a good story ending before I wanted it to and the plotlines I felt were left open. Sniff
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