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for The Black Family's PR Nightmare

9/17 c70 Tamras1972
can't get enough of this story. had to reread entirely for the 2nd time. thanks for the update.
9/13 c69 Guest
Wow the flashbacks were SO sweet and wholesome, but bittersweet since Lily and James die
9/13 c68 Guest
Ha! Revenge is the dish best served cold!
9/14 c70 jayod
great read!
9/11 c70 Guest
Loved the update, thank you
9/10 c70 1MichelleRae18
I need moreeeee!
9/10 c70 General Mac
Glad they are managing to retrieve Alive and Frank, thanks love it have a great week.
9/8 c66 dave
there was not a single line any where in the will that said the rat was the secret keeper
9/6 c70 Micksmom
Great update, absolutely love it. Sometimes I go back to the beginning and reread your great fiction!
9/7 c70 Dude With Specs
great chapter. The rehabiliatation of the Black Family, uts reputation, and the Daily Prophet as a news source is beautifully written.
I am hoping karma for Dumbledore, Pettigrew, Snape, and maybe others is not understated... Of course, I'll enjoy your story however you write it but I am hoping to see pain.
9/7 c70 2RenegadeEclipse93
Curious to see how this impacts the public’s perception of Dumbledore. Was surprised how open it was about casting doubt on what hes been up to. Good informational chapter.
9/6 c70 Hank1967
Excellent chapter! Enjoyed your use of news articles to form the story. Definitely glad to see Harry back in the hands of his honorary uncles and his Great Aunt Cassiopeia. Much, much better than the Dursleys. Looking forward to seeing where you take this next! Update soon please!
9/6 c69 Hank1967
That was very heart warming! Enjoyed the flashback to their Marauder days. The hats were a neat detail. Love how you brought Lily, James, Peter, Lupin, Sirius and little Harry to life. It was very well done! Glad to see that Harry still recognized Sirius and Remus. Rather funny how they didn't really plan for that possibility, but still managed to cram in as much fun as possible. Rather surprised they didn't wear little Harry out completely. Off to the next chapter!
9/6 c70 petuniatc
Interesting - you've done newspaper items before, but this is the first time a chapter has been all news. An excellent way to do an information dump of sorts. That's the reason Hermione in the books is a know it all and has read all of "Hogwarts, A History". Whenever information is needed, she knows it and recites it or reads it from a book in her book bag or the library. Good one - and nice check in with the Longbottom's.
So, Pandora is "eclectic" and Tonks is Narcissa's "darling niece" (per the negotiations between Andromeda and Narcissa). Good one but when can we see Luna again?
Thanks again!
9/5 c70 Sean Malloy-1
Nice newspaper page, all entertaining
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