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for The Black Family's PR Nightmare

23h c72 Sheelahdog
Oh my goodness, this is one of the best things I have ever read! The characters are so real and funny and sincere and REAL! I can imagine knowing any of them I person. My own mother is a force of nature. However, a whole family of that level of chaos is spectacular. Love this story!
7/8 c28 tristanrayne
Is the crowing cock supposed to be a brothel?
7/7 c50 DarthGeekius
Kind of find Agnes ridiculously biased towards wizarding culture. She seems to fail to understand what muggles have done to wizards and that while they’ve evolved, the statute of secrecy is part of the reason for the attitude towards the muggles
6/22 c72 Guest
I left for a while and came back to so many chapters! So excited to see the progress on this story. Hope to see more soon!
6/7 c72 Joyce
I'm sorry you can't respond to my review, but I am not setting up an account just for this.

This has been a really lovely fic all the way around. It is unique in the many stories I have read, though I can't say there are none similar. The characters are well written and engaging. over all, this is really good.

So, I must say I hope you are well. Abandoning such a fine work as this , and as long as it is, makes me think you may be ill. If so, get well soon. And whether or not, I hope you can get back to finish this project soon.
6/7 c72 aallen26
Please continue its do good!
5/15 c59 Nunes
Boa Noite!

Por favor atualiza essa história incrível...muita inspiração Deus abençoe sempre
4/20 c1 cdutnall
absolutely wonderful please continue
4/13 c72 2Nise Tucker
Well this has been the absolute most fun I’ve had reading soo many words in soo short of time! lol this took me a good two weeks to read all 72 chapters and I must say totally worth it!

I work in marketing not only was this soo refreshing for a black family focused fanfic, but it also was just sooo on point! Cass is hilarious and her Pip is too. I love the new found sister dynamic, I’m pretty sure nar&lucy have an amazing sex life, the children are bound to reek havoc in hogwarts, I wouldn’t be surprised if moony and e get together (so much tension) and finally I absolutely love this story structure.

Can’t wait for more!
4/1 c72 3LilinAnade
Nice story!
Love every word of the story. I hope it'll update soon!
3/24 c72 bitz2270535
Your story is well structured and a fresh take on the storyline.

Look forward to seeing the next instalent of project HPB….
2/25 c72 dianaanne
Looking forward to more. The “dollhouses” were fun!
2/17 c72 25KsandraMallan
i recently reread your fic, it's one of my favorites, and i look forward to seeing what Cassiopeia comes up with to deal with the Horcrux!
2/9 c72 Guest
Just reread the whole thing. Wonderful! I think this is my favorite fanfic ever. Can’t wait to read what happens next!
2/9 c67 Guest
Rereading this now. Forgot how much I love Remus and Elvira. Would be so delighted if they ended up together (forever, not Elvira’s usual!)
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