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for The Black Family's PR Nightmare

6/15 c55 G Fawkes
Highly enjoyable! Very nicely done...
Now give me more!
6/14 c52 G Fawkes
Wizarding Stock Market? That's a first. Literally. Over 1200 (more than 20K, quits don't count) and I never heard that one.
Ok. Goodonya'.
6/13 c55 Micksmom
I have read and reread this chapter 3 times and still laugh for Auntie Ass Kicker.
6/13 c47 GF
Ooh! Very nice.
6/12 c46 G Fawkes
We had "Orange Leader" here in the states up until January. He even tried to stay past his time, but even though we might look like some Banana Republic on the news, we're really not. Just a coupla' radical Right arseholes having a bit of a skermish. I think something like thirty of those d***heads are in jail?
6/14 c55 VdG
I'm quite pleased to have come across this story and look forward to many more chapters.
Cassiopeia and Pip are fun, and the more familar characters ring true.
I enjoy a bit of plotting and politics. So much more satisfying when people are clever than when they simply get gifted with amazing powers. Of course, cunning can be a superpower in its own right, so it's important, I feel, that things aren't too easy. A hero is measured by the challenges they overcome and so far Cassiopeia hasn't really faced any set-backs.

My other concern was with Hermione being/becoming a Black. One of the main appeals of Hermione as a character is that she is muggle-born and in her own person refutes all the Pureblood prejudices. I'm wary of stories where she turns out to be some lost Malfoy/Nott/Black/whatever. If the smartest witch of her age is actually a pureblood then maybe they're right.
However, although inducted into the Black's she's still a long way from being a pureblood so she can still serve to refute them. Indeed, it seems a lot will be made of the fact that she's not a pureblood.

Looking forward to learning what scheme Moony's come up with, (another clever wizard, not a Mary Superhero).

I hope you're enjoying writing this as much as I've enjoyed reading it so far: long may it continue.
6/11 c55 Sophia
Oh I can’t wait to read how she wiped the floor with the prosecution! Love your story!
6/11 c42 G Fawkes
Always a good thing to separate the spell name from the incantation. Rather than "how many obligated done on her", why not- "how many Obliviations done to her"?
Remember, the incantation is NOT the spell itself. They don't 'stupefy', they STUN. No one 'wingardium leviosas' anything. They levitate it. And the all time worst offense- you don't 'Avada kedavra' a person. You just kill them. It's called the Killing Curse.
6/11 c55 Guest
I am so in love with this story and the ridiculous of it, it makes me happy
6/12 c55 sherriithewriter
Fabulous! Each chapter is so entertaining. You certainly put a bright spot in some rather tough days.
6/12 c55 Viveen
I love the last name! Madam Auntie Arse Kicker!
6/11 c55 17the7horcrux
I am unbelievably excited for Agnes to crush them into dust.
Great chapter!
6/9 c55 Cheryl
"Madam Auntie Arse Kicker" LOL
6/11 c55 xXMizz Alec VolturiXx
lovely chapter
6/10 c55 5blueoceandragon
Yay! Thanks for the update!
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