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11/18 c18 shugokage
Great job on this chapter!
11/18 c18 halfmoonsilver04
11/18 c18 Ruberforumfree
I hope Lawliet is gonna kill the pervert old man when/if he shows up. I always hated him.
11/18 c18 RoyalTwinFangs
This is a nice chapter.
11/7 c17 DeileRus
Прочёл я вашу работу, дорогой автор, и, в принципе, у меня - одобрение.
Да! Вы - человек западный и у вас - западное мышление. Таковое же - у придуманного вами главного героя.
Который - классический западный индивидуалист!
Притом, вы его описали именно таким, каким его пишут у нас авторы разных статей о различиях западной и русской цивилизаций.
Вот ведь...
За что вам - уважение!
Ваша работа - хорошо проработанный пример.
Вы постарались описать мотивацию за поступками всех героев вашей работы.
За что - отдельный респект вам!
Я предлагаю вам далее написать о том, как ваш главный герой поручит Ранма заняться Акане и начать её менять к лучшему.
Квест будет для Ранма - очень занятный и весьма сложный!
Но крайне нужный.
Так что будет ваш главный герой - справа Лала, слева - Касуми, а Ранма - справа Сянь Пу, а слева - Акане.
Так что Akane bashing можно прекратить.
Работа ваша - в таком случае - будет не только интересна, но и предельно полезна!
Мы ждём!

I've read your work, dear author, and, basically, I have an endorsement.
Yes! You are a Westerner and you have Western thinking. It's the same - the main character you invented.
Which is a classic Western individualist!
Moreover, you described it exactly as it is written by the authors of different articles about the differences between Western and Russian civilizations.
That's it...
For what you - respect!
Your work is a well-researched example.
You have tried to describe the motivation behind the actions of all the heroes of your work.
For what - a separate respect to you!
I invite you to write further about how your main character will instruct Ranm to take care of Akana and start changing it for the better.
The quest will be for Rang - very entertaining and very difficult!
But it's essential.
So there will be your main character - on the right Lala, on the left - Kasumi, and Ranma - on the right Xian Pu, and on the left - Akana.
So Akane bashing can be stopped.
Your work - in this case - will not only be interesting, but also extremely useful!
That's it!
We're waiting!
11/6 c17 KrisB-71854
Would Lawliet tell Lala to make the training room cat-themed to assist in getting over cat-related trauma?
11/4 c17 0vrLrd71
One of the best training equipment she could make is a Danger Room (X Men) mixed with a gravity room,

damn, my memory is failing me but I remember reading another room from an anime that can replicate any weather and environment, its similar to danger room but simpler, wish I could remember the name

though I don't know if she can do that with the stuff in the Ranma universe, the materials and technology shouldn't even be close to existing, well the tech shouldn't be a challenge to Lala, the materials on the other hand... unless she has a sonic screwdriver? or something similar
11/4 c17 RoyalTwinFangs
Well that is nice
10/22 c1 ANARC4157
Never seen the Ranma 1/2 so this is all speculation. Don't give Ranma 2 girls cuz it seems fucked up to Ukyo to make her give up her future for Ranma. While Shampoo is a martial artist and can help Ranma better then Ukyo... Probably
10/21 c16 shugokage
Great job on this chapter!
10/21 c16 Unknown9501
how long before the cooldown ends?
10/21 c16 RoyalTwinFangs
Nice chapter here
10/9 c15 0vrLrd71
Nice chapter!

also has anyone been keeping track of how much in story time has passed?
10/8 c15 shugokage
Great job on this chapter and story!
10/7 c15 RoyalTwinFangs
Nice chapter
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