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1/13 c9 maxxuzumaki
Nice chapter, good to see more interaction between imperial forces and manos. It would be interesting if you could introduce a psyker to demostrate the diference between magic and warp force. Expect the next chapter soon!
1/5 c9 SomePervyGuy
Nice chapters. Question? Arnt some Mamono suppose to be super powerful and all mamono suppose to have a self-defense mentality ingrained in to them by Lilith?
1/5 c9 Ghostly
Will you sending a single team of astartes in MGE? YouTube channel: Grimdark Narrator has a long list astartes chapters as well as information of other militant forces of the imperium.

When & if more Death Korps guardsmen come to Lescatie, could you have sizable number of them arrive in a military march formation while (solemnly)singing a German marching song or the battle hymn of Krieg.

Recommend German song: Wo alle StraBen enden [All 5 Epic Stanzas Remastered]
1/3 c9 3djpj7652
The death riders were badass as all hell. Enjoyed this chapter and can't wait for more.
1/3 c5 djpj7652
That fight between the Knight-Captain and the Possed Khornate was badass as fuck. Could have used less garbled speech tho, made it hard to read some stuff.
1/3 c9 1nofirekiller123
your chapter 10 link isnt working
1/3 c3 3djpj7652
tfw no lemons mean no lemonade. Why even live?
1/3 c2 djpj7652
Digging the chapter, and that omake got me to chuckle. Keep up the good work man
1/3 c1 djpj7652
Enjoyed this chapter, a tad rough but I like it.
1/2 c9 46Evowizard25
I really do enjoy the dynamic you brought with the Deathriders and Kobolds. Its rather sweet and also allows the Deathriders to show off how awesome they are. The action was great and it was cathartic to kill those cultists. As well it is interesting to see how the Kobolds, and some other mamono, react to the Imperial Faith. Some nice touches here and overall a good chapter. Keep it up.
1/2 c9 3Xerzes
Love the grim knights in shining armor interpretation of the Death Riders, and how they dealt with the Chao Cultists. The Kobold camp was also an amusing read, combined with their rescue at the hands of the Death Korps.

First the Chaos Cults, then Druella...
1/1 c9 Guest
Will there a be an Automaton? If so where are the Engiseers and Techpriest? I want to mnow how they will praise or destroy such artificial creation.
1/1 c9 bind the nobody
I think this idea was well balanced and executed. So far definitely the closet thing you'd get to a friendly Krieger, without making it break their character. Also, kinda surprised none of the Kriegers died in those engagements.

I currently don't know what else to say/suggest, all in all pretty good.

So yeah, a nice little thing to kick off 2021!
1/1 c9 Guest
I wonder if the possible children of these guardsmen and mamonos would honor their fathers' memories by enlisting, rebuilding krieg, or being sisters of battle (death korps edition); seeing the kobold praying to God Emps.
1/1 c1 1cchazyboy
I loved the newest chapter, and am rather taken with the possibility of a monster girl following of the Imperial Cult, worshiping the emperor and possibly fighting in his name.
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