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for rocking the boat - Walter Verse 28

10/10 c69 25missemmatorchwood
Oh this was a hoot! You really do humour well! Cannot wait for the next instalment!
10/8 c69 Eleana666
Funny scene with Ton! If it is medically wrong to let his works backup, then, my poor husband would be dead...hahaha, lol! However, he’s a good plumber!
10/7 c69 1FranArian
Unless Jack can come up with a solid steel multi-bar system that hydraulically moves from inside the ceiling and wall on one side on the diagonal and locks into the wall and floor on the opposite side of the door, with the bars at least 12 inches inside the wall both ways and no more than 4 inches apart, Ton will find a way to break in.
Good luck with that... (LOL)
10/7 c66 SuziH-J
I thought at first it was Jack giving him the once over. I think Jack will be disappointed he wasn’t allowed to watch lol.
10/4 c68 25missemmatorchwood
OMG! That was AMAZING! I grew up on a farm and we had a goat not a very big one, but when he butted you, it hurt like the dickens! That billy goat hated my brother with a purple passion from the very moment he saw him and every time it thought it had any chance of attacking Mark it tried. Ended up giving the goat to someone else.
10/2 c67 missemmatorchwood
Shame on you Ton! Making those little old ladies blush! Still a good joke, though.
10/1 c66 missemmatorchwood
What an interesting diagnostic procedure! I've not heard of it but it does indeed sound like a wonderful alternative to an MRI. I'm claustrophobic and I have to take Valium before I can go into the machine. Leaves me loopy for a while... but it's fun loopy! Lots of giggling and talking to myself.
10/1 c65 missemmatorchwood
Reading your description of Cancer as a living thing brought tears to my eyes. My family has never been touched by cancer and I pray the Universe blesses us and continues to keep us safe.
10/1 c64 missemmatorchwood
What a wonderful, thoughtful gift for them all!
9/24 c64 Eleana666
What a great thing to do for the teacher! Many years ago, my husband bought me a new gold BW bug with a sun roof! I was enthralled with it. It was a straight shift and I had to learn to drive it overnight to get to my first day of student teacher internship. What an experience!
9/24 c63 missemmatorchwood
The Harkness-Jones clan, the Hoodlum clan, the entire village... they are indeed truly wonderfully blessed.
9/24 c62 missemmatorchwood
Oh please, please, PLEASE can I have a ride? I promise to push buttons, spin dials, steer in crazy directions and make lots of whooshing noises!
9/24 c61 missemmatorchwood
I absolutely LOVE the cats' names! They great!
9/24 c60 missemmatorchwood
What a wonderful way for the village to begin the new year!
9/24 c59 missemmatorchwood
A Superhero deserves fireworks every now and again!
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