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7/23 c1 Guest
Hey it’s me again. Sorry about some of the misspelled words in my last comment. I wanted to know if you read what I wrote. Make a chapter to tell me if you’ve read it and if your going to write it or not.
7/16 c1 Guest
First off are you asking for ideas for you to write this or are you stating that someone reading this should do so? If you are asking for suggestions then here’s one I’ve thought of.

Idea 1 (This would involve a OOC Asta where Asta is more darker, more calm and serious like Dooku)
Asta is discovered to be force sensitive when he was 6 by Count Dooku and is taken off world without anyone from the orphanage knowing before the clone wars. As years go by Dooku has trained Asta in the ways of a Sith Lord well but is told to execute him by Palpetine like he told him with Ventress but instead let’s Asta go back to his home world. Asta now 16, returns right around the time of the Clover Kingdom was about to be invaded by the Diamond Kingdom at the border town which is after the Water Temple Arc. Asta would land in a nearby forest and wander the village in a dark cloak. As the village is attacked he is confronted by a enemy mage who forces Asta to fight the mage with his double lightsaber like Maul’s. During his fight Asta is noticed by Yami who confronts him an asks who is he. Through discussion Asta is made an honorary Black Bull member by Yami. The storyline would would follow the Black Clover storyline from there with the prescience of a Sith Asta being there now.

This is what I’ve thought would make a great story. If you are going to write a crossover then I hope that you write this one I made up, if your good at writing and grammar. If you don’t then just tell so.

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