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7/18/2020 c1 4OkuntinTenfeder
I wish, they would have done more with Tiny in the show. Throwing him between Lola and Shay didn't do him much good. So it's nice, to see his friendship with Maya fleshed out. :)
At first I wanted to comment on the break between the group being together at beach and then the nightmare - without ever seeing everyone else going home. But then I reread it and realized, that the break fits here.
All in all it seem a bit like they are still in highschool, because the new people, they are surrounded with, don't even have names. I would have at least given Maya's roommate a name.
And I was kinda irritated, that Zaya doesn't know, how to talk to each other at the beginning of the ff. Last time we saw them on the show, they were laughing together in Zig's car. You probably have it in your head, how that came to be, so it would be nice, if you shared it with the reader. :)
And what would be a review of me, without nitpicking: A barely audible whisper is something I just can't imagine with Tiny. Neither Grace squealing. O_O Squealing is definitely more Maya's thing to do.
7/16/2020 c1 17Phrankster
This was such a sweet story, that I couldnt help smiling the entire time I read it. You just have this knack for "getting" the characters, that always impresses me. It was so easy to picture this, because of how well you wrote Maya and Tiny in particular. As per usual, your love for the characters shone through and the descriptions were brilliant.

As far as the story goes, I could easily see Maya and Zig having trouble letting go of each other, with the massive past they have between them. Im sure that many fans would have like to see them back together at the end of this, but I like the more realistic ending you gave us much better. Mayas friendship with Tiny was very cute and I know from experience that when you move to the big city, having someone familiar there to support you through that first year can mean a lot.

Top notch in my book!

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