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1/19 c1 Denia Lara
Recién descubrí tu fic y realmente me gustó (no lo de la esclavitud y lo que conllevó) pero la forma en que tratas un tema tan difícil y la forma de sanar, hasta ahora lo más sobresaliente para mí es Rabastan y Regulus, como pareja y como apoyo en la situación. Espero actualices pronto.
1/8 c5 daniellerippy
I'm enjoying your fic I do love this concept. I hope to see a strong hermione when your done. looking forward to your next update!
11/24/2020 c5 Clive54
It might sound a bit sappy but this is a sweet story. Full of caring, just what we need in this rather crazy world at the moment. Thankfully, there are enough caring people to go round, just about! We could always do with more though. To some people it's a bit utopian, but I like the way you have paired Regulus and Rabastan and their characters. Their sensitive and empathic natures remind me of couple of my friends who happen to be gay and would make wonderful loving parents. There are far too many child victims of modern slavery and criminal trafficking gangs who need all the love and kindness they can get. You are doing a lot of good writing this and I hope other reviews agree.
11/20/2020 c5 wolfkitty1103
I’m really enjoying this ABO dynamic so far. I’m also looking forward to the next update - thanks for writing!
11/11/2020 c5 peytonsara
Please please please please PLEASE keep going! This story is so well written! I need to know what happens next!
10/20/2020 c5 Mercy Rose Black
Thank you so much for updating. Great chapter, can't wait for more.
10/14/2020 c5 Aid4
Hi! Thanks so much for the chapter! I love it! I am so glad that Hermione has a family now who will protect her of everything and support her in her recovery! I am so glad that Regulus and Rabastan knows that Harry is like them, that he is worry and interested in Hermione's well-being first, he is so sweet and perfect for Hermione when she will be ready for a relationship! Thanks for sharing this! Stay safe and healthy!
10/11/2020 c5 peytonsara
This story is so amazing and well written! Please keep going!
10/10/2020 c5 MuffinRamsey
Great update! Boy, James and Sirius are a couple of doofuses. ️
10/10/2020 c5 KayleASS
aww cute
10/9/2020 c5 pawsrule
Sweet update. Look forward to more.
10/8/2020 c5 minerdude
I like this, I am not sure if you showed the Alphas and Omegas were also in the non magical world, but it makes it interesting
10/8/2020 c5 Lucy Maud Montgomery
Love it
Great as always
10/1/2020 c4 AvaLuluTM
Oh, I love it! I can't wait to know what happens next! When will you update?
9/26/2020 c4 Thepoetrystudent
I looove this story so much.
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