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9/23/2021 c8 I want to read fanfic
Yesssss Wendy! I love that Wendy is the most romantically inclined person here. It does feel right
5/6/2021 c1 Blaze Zion
This really helped me to lessen my stress! what a great story, thank you for writing this” If you have some great stories like this one, you can publish it on Novel Star, just submit your story to hardy novelstar. top or joye novelstar. top
3/27/2021 c10 17nalu4emily
I loved this! So sweet! And I’m totally reading the explicit ending, because how could you not!
7/26/2020 c1 thekataangfan
Just want to say this is my second time reading this story today. It's very well written and I love the "Natsu is injured" trope. It's a breath of fresh air from the Alvarez arc rewrite you see constantly.
7/23/2020 c9 Vanilla Wish
So romantic.
And it was so sweet that Natsu wanted to make Lucy breakfast. Too bad his cooking skills are limited. At least he can make pasta.
7/23/2020 c9 Amanny
Sweet chapter. Natsu truly is thoughtful
7/22/2020 c9 20animeflower107
I quite enjoyed this story and it’s conclusion! It was fun and fluffy from start to finish. I’ll be looking out for the extra edition :)
7/22/2020 c8 animeflower107
Gray is hilarious. This chapter was super cute too.
7/22/2020 c7 animeflower107
More fluff and an official confession, we love to see it.
7/22/2020 c6 animeflower107
Ahhhh this chapter was ultra cute! I’m squealing lol
7/22/2020 c5 animeflower107
This is progress and I love it, shout out to happy
7/22/2020 c4 animeflower107
Lots of fluff this chapter, very cute. Also shout out to Happy this chapter. And I only wish I’d fallen in mutual love with my best friend lol
7/22/2020 c3 animeflower107
This story is super cute. I think my favorite part was the mini argument between Gray and Natsu when they were trying to be nice to each other, as well as the mention of two naked men arguing. I love it lol
7/22/2020 c8 Vanilla Wish
I'm glad their team knows. I wonder if they spilled it when they got to the guild. Gods, Natsu and Lucy are gonna be ambushed by Mira. lol

So cute how they can't keep their lips off of each other. :D

Oooh, I wonder what Natsu has planned for Lucy.
7/22/2020 c8 Copperreign12
Absolutely loved it! I loved the bet was hilarious! I’m so excited to see what is Natsu planning with Happy for Lucy! Thanks for updating!
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