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3/3/2021 c9 14BiGDeal
A shame that you decided to put a "finito" to this story. Just re-read it for the second time and it's still a joy.

Going to read the other stories and see if they hold up to the standards of this one.
8/2/2020 c9 sam
thanks ;)
i think that harry will win this bet ;)
more please
8/2/2020 c9 2Pinkypi
nice! i like the story. it was really good to have Caitlin and Barry take the back seat after they broke Hermoine and Harry out and emancipated them. I personally think that Kara shouldn't have the same thing happen though since she is the same person. for her it'd be more like she recovered future memories or something if the body is slightly younger. if it's the same age it'd be more like gaining the memories of a dimension where things went wrong. can't wait to read more uwu
7/30/2020 c9 2imgonnadie
Excellent chapter
7/26/2020 c8 7Mischief Managed-Up To No Good
So Barry is now (permanently?) Harry and the same with Hermione? Why is Kara guilty, she's still her. I'm confused. Good story though. Completely unique.
7/25/2020 c8 SGM84
Very different from the crossovers I have read, but very much enjoyed this so far, look forward to seeing more
7/25/2020 c7 Sakura Lisel
Another thing. Unless since her arrival back in September up until now on October 31, she's been flying around the globe dressedas Supergirl letting ever tom, dick, and Harry GOOD and BAD government agency know of her existence and showing off her powers to see, why the HECK did HYDRA send Bucky after HER all the way in England?

Unless HYDRA knew about the whole 'Kara is Supergirl' thing, why did they send their decades old brainwashed trained assassin again some random British blond lady NOBODY knew ANYTHING about for some no apparently no reason? Unless there's a an Earth woman who looks like Kara who could pass for Karas identical twin who HYDRA wanted dead, and using ultra advanced high tech video surveillance technology caught an image of Kara and mistook Kara for their intended target as the reason they sent Bucky after Kara.

Plus seriously he was going to kill her while she was holding a 'defenseless' baby? I'm surprised Kal didn't 'accidentally' activate his heat beam eyes in defense of his cousin while she was fighting like that time he almost fried a poor bird. *lol*
7/25/2020 c7 31Sakura Lisel
Wait... Why is everybody assuming Clark is Karas kid? Just how OLD is her dopplegangers body exactly? She was supposed to be a slightly older than her baby cousin kid/teenage girl when Krypton blew up and left her and Clark orphans.

So if everyone is mistaking her dopplegangers body as Clarks mom... She's now older than a kid/teen when Krypton blew up?
7/23/2020 c2 sayianhund
Um hello again wouldn't overwriting harry and hermione minds and bodies with Barry and cats destroy the memories of harry and hermione? Wouldn't their magic fight against this take over? Wouldn't the speed force and magic fight each other? I highly doubt and body should be able handle both forces. I'm trying give you a chance but they just seem more damaged with each chapter with none if anything anyone like about any of the four characters.
7/23/2020 c1 sayianhund
Hi, I started out interested in your idea and curious where it would go. Now I'm not sure what to think as your story is listed as harry and hermione but really isn't. I also am very disturbed by your main characters as how do you not see them as evil. They created what amounts to mundane horcruxes and sent them into a new timeline to search out and still them bodies to take over. I'm not necessarily against a good dark harry potter and hermione Granger story but this ain't even that this is the memories of to other destroying them and taking over their bodies. I also don't understand how they made such small devices that would even be able to share memories not alone change someone DNA. Plus I thought the speed force was one of those things that had to choose you.
7/21/2020 c2 Starboomer
The main thing I will say here is that Barry and Caitlin are villains in this story. They set up a circumstance that to save themselves they put their powers and minds into objects that seemingly, almost completely, rewrite the person that first uses them. That is not the actions of a hero, and doesn't feel like something that Barry Allen/The Flash would do. Now give someone their powers that was worthy and act as guides to the new user, yeah that is totally within the response that could be expected out of a hero.
7/21/2020 c7 7TheNameOfARiver
Here I am, grinning like a loon while reading the chapter and now vibrating in anticipation for upcoming ones

Xovers are fun!
7/19/2020 c6 31Sakura Lisel
Hey you called Eobard Thawnes relationship with Eddie Thawne wrong. Since it was Eddies future unborn kids who would have led to Eobard being born, it makes Eddie as Eobards ANCESTOR not his 'descendant'. Eddie is Eobards who knows how many great grandpa. *lol* a 'descendant' is what you call somebody who is born AFTER the current person which is what Eobard is in concern to Eddie not the other way around the way you have it phrased in the story. *lol* especially since Eddies unexpected suicide that never happened in the original timeline Eobard came from resulted in Eobard and every future kid/grandkid Eddie would have had be erased from history. *lol*
7/18/2020 c4 1demonboy121986
great story so far, but if I could make a suggestion, why not is some way have Cisco and Ron merge. I know they are kinda opposite but they were also both kinda sidekicks.
7/18/2020 c4 George Cristian810
I dont like this story for one reason only . There are no harry and hermione . Only some who pretend to be him . Also ginny couldnt speak with harry like this before 4 year .
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