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for I'm not All for One, I swear! It's me, Izuku! (revised)

1/9 c3 4Chronosign
I hope you or someone else makes a reading version of this.
1/8 c3 2Zirxces
I'm just gonna say that I truly enjoy this fic. I would love to see the next update soon!

And I hope that Izuku saves the poor souls Shigaraki is tormenting, as well as those tormented by the quirk All for One.
1/4 c3 Yutzeka
Dammnnnn the story is absolutely FABULOUS and I really love where this is currently going! This last whole chapter had me screaming internally. The hilarious situation and seriously concerning state of Izuku's body and mind had me sitting in edge too.
The history repeats itself and now Izuku ( in AfO's body ) will accidentally aquire his own (previously Quirkless) minions, like AfO did! I'm sure All Might and One for All will think the worst of it, heh.
New fan here, hope you will continue your work!
1/3 c3 1Workingman98
I love it
1/2 c3 Dedrick Jones
dang this I better than the first
1/2 c3 Dedrick Jones
im sorry i laughed so hard when he said he rolled with the punches
1/2 c3 luckyluke11032002
when are you gonna update call me doctor octopus?
12/29/2020 c3 insert good username
Glad to see this is back again.
12/29/2020 c3 2LoneKoops
The changes have really enhanced the story it has been a blast to read through again. And I am so glad it has been updated I had been missing it.
12/27/2020 c3 3FicFanFoom7
Interesting changes, I can't wait to read the story from thus point. I also really like how you showed that it really is still Deku in the body by his reaction to seeing the truth of All for One. Great job.
12/27/2020 c3 Bucio
I think I prefer the first version, because in itself it was not as complicated as the rewritten version will be, and although what has happened in the BnHA canon is shocking, it should not always have an impact on the fics.

Especially what happened to Shigaraki in your new version, only surviving as a clone created by Twice, which cracked his already fragile mental state, to the point of enslaving his former henchmen so as not to be left alone.

And that will get worse, as he realizes that All for One has no way to give him back his old life, to make him a full human again.

What I might agree with is Izuku having to spend some time, gaining control of his new ability, to fully heal, but relapsing again to the point of having to rely on his new ally to earn him medical care. , is to put it so that he could be found and captured by any group (heroes or villains), it is as if what he did in the first chapter would have been useless, if at the end he would be imprisoned again by one of the side effects of one of his quirks, sick and weak, only without a mask, but just as fragile as before, having only regenerated his face and partially his lungs (not to mention the fragment of Overhaul's soul that he now has inside him, which could fragment his already fragile mental state - dying and waking up in the body of the most fearsome monster of all and for a certain amount of time, that would affect anyone's mental health, hence Izuku is not mentally well, more if he has relied on the remnants of All for One's mind not to despair.)

Izuku will have an interesting time, when he reacts and realizes what his new minion promised in exchange for him being cared for, and while to some extent he would have no problem using his new abilities, so that others would not suffer what he suffered. for a long time; the sudden appearance of quirks in a quirkless group will attract a lot of attention from both groups and not in a good way.

With the heroes pressing and even depriving of their freedom, those who helped Izuku, to obtain some important information, and with the villains, at least Shigaraki, reaching the point of torturing them in order to know the whereabouts of All for One.

Not to mention that he now he will spend even more time before meeting Tomoko again.

Who knows how this will end, but good luck
12/27/2020 c3 RandomReader867
Thanks for the chapter!
12/27/2020 c3 wildarms13
interesting concept
12/27/2020 c3 8Emrys Akayuki
Wuh oh, guess the original version of her quirk is gone forever too...
12/26/2020 c3 Weeldx
Fuck, things got a lot more serious, so Shigaraki said goodbye and went to hell, leaving a paranoid clone in his place ... hardcore, but I loved it. I can't help wanting Izuku to save the league members, they are just a bunch of misfits. I can't wait for the next chapter, keep up the good work, Merry Christmas and New Year.
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