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10/20 c46 56Lady Emma Wentworth
How absolutely horrifying!
10/20 c45 Lady Emma Wentworth
Typical Gwen... can't even follow the simplest of directions, always thinks she knows better than anyone else.
10/20 c44 Lady Emma Wentworth
I think it's wonderful that Jack and Daniel have become so close... Daniel kind of idolises Jack, he's new, shiny, fascinating...
10/19 c45 1FranArian
How wonderfully Fringe like... yeah, it's not going to be nice in that plane...
10/19 c45 Eleana666
Scary! Cannot picture where the people might be or why!?
10/13 c43 25missemmatorchwood
This is such a sweet, wonderful chapter! I love that Jack and Daniel are connecting so well.
10/12 c43 1FranArian
Good that John is making himself useful... yes, it's rather like throwing petrol on an open flame, but still...
10/12 c42 25missemmatorchwood
I love that Jack and John can laugh so heartily while Ianto is being so damn sexy!
10/12 c41 missemmatorchwood
I'm thrilled to see Ianto put John in his place!
10/11 c42 1FranArian
I do love Ianto in full roar... don't poke the Dragon, twits...
10/10 c41 FranArian
You've been in Cardiff how long, and don't know what a Weevil is, Rex? Really? Useless git...
10/10 c41 20DarqueQueen7
I think I could love John as a character here...if Jack or Ianto don't kill him first. D.
10/9 c40 25missemmatorchwood
This is the Queen whom I adore... I can just imagine her in private, that beautiful, courageous young Princess hiding behind the fa├žade of an elegant, refined Queen, always there just below the suraface.
10/6 c40 1FranArian
Meddling is good sometimes.
10/5 c39 25missemmatorchwood
Thank you, Ianto, for ensuring that Her Majesty stays with us for as long as possible. She is one of my personal heroes. I think it's a hoot that she's tricked Jack and Ianto into true confessions! Clever girl!
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